41,554 are illegally in the United States


It’s not amount, it’s proportion. Australia and Hong Kong are more than double of us:

Canada, at 21% foreign born, is also far ahead of us. Solving its own demographic crisis.

Until we go back to our 19th/early 20th century averages, which were in the 20% range.


So you think we should admit 61 MILLION annually? That’s what 20% of our population would be. That’s absolutely MORONIC.


?? No Dave. Think on this for a moment; go look at the article please.


So you DIDN’T post the above?


Dave, does Canada import 21% of its population each year? Did we? Or does that figure mean… something else?

The context is clear as day.




So if 500 Pakistani’s illegally cross into California and 499 are honest, hard working people who want to be Americans and one is a Jihadi terrorist, that is a net plus for America?

Please, don’t give me that “he’ll get in some other way” BS.


YOU said we should go back to the system in effect at the turn of the last century in which we “imported” 21% of the population. I call BS.


Your visualization doesn’t reflect the whole reality. Most people who are dangerous don’t come across the border; they come in through ports of entry.

The numbers on this is 1s vs 1,000s. Because visitor visas, honestly, aren’t that hard to get, and terrorist organizations tend to have enough resources to get their people one & a plane ticket.

Organized terrorists with means, vs vulnerable people who might turn out be lone wolves down the line? It’s not hard to see what the higher priority should be here. Yet, you want to spend billions on the latter?

And that in of itself permeates discussions on terrorism just as much as it does for the left on Global warming; no sense of proportion. Failing to put the problems in context of the rest of the world we live in; instead, examining them in isolation.


You said “annually”, I did not. 21% refers to the number of the Canadian population who are foreign born.

America in the 19th consistently hit 25%. Today we are at 14%. We are no where close to “capacity” of any sort.

Dave, you have never studied the question of how immigrants effects jobs for natives. You have committed the seen and unseen fallacy:

The unseen effects of how immigration creates jobs is what has been ignored. You only pay attention to the jobs they take, not the ones they make possible.

Technology does the same thing. The ATM made more jobs possible for the same reason.

And no, you make it clear that it’s not just illegals you blame things for; you blame legals as well. I’m calling you on that.


If gun laws were because people with guns commit murders “in the moment”, then why have virtually NO CCW permit owners blasted people at random all over the place? Fact is, murder is in the MIND of the murderer…not in their guns.


There’s Las vegas… and all these folks:

You need to check yourself better than this Dave. If I can do this, this easily, then you’re leaving yourself open for the left to eat you alive.

Don’t give them a vulnerability like this to exploit; be better.


BS. I wouldn’t trust the “data” from the VPC if they postulated that 1+1 = 2. Just because some anti-gun group SAYS something is so doesn’t mean that it IS so. You need to be just a BIT more skeptical of the pronunciations from such groups, AS.


Dave, no.

Each case they posted, is connected to a news Report it’s right damn there. Full details, full names.

Unless you’re saying these people don’t exist, you’re letting political blinders determine you’re thinking again.

Take them off. Behave like a real person please, not a drone.


I’m NOT saying that these people “don’t exist.” I’m saying that there’s no “proof” that they were CCW permit holders and/or members of the NRA. (If you’re one, you’re likely BOTH.). The VPC has an agenda and it’s decidedly anti-2nd Amendment and anti-private ownership of firearms. Like most “progressive” organizations, whatever they can do to hasten the day when government can confiscate firearms, the better.