49ers fans burn Kaepernick jerseys


Furious San Francisco 49ers fans are burning Colin Kaepernick jerseys after he refused to stand for the national anthem as part of a racial protest.
One fan even played The Star-Spangled Banner as he set light to the Number 7 shirt, watching with his hand on his chest as it was reduced to ash.
Another, who uploaded a video to Instagram under the handle Nate3914, called the $19million-per-year athlete an ‘ignorant son of a b****.’

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It is simply amazing when you see stuff like this. One has to wonder why someone making $14 million dollars and living much better than a lot of us complains about how “his” people are being picked on while murders on blacks are committed mostly by fellow blacks.


After making as much money as he has made from the American System, I think that he has lot of nerve refusing to stand for the National Anthem, and in doing so condemning the whole System. He has a First Amendment right to express his opinion, but I also have a First Amendment right to say that I don’t care to see him on a football field again.

If he has complaints about specific issues, that’s fine. Let him speak to them. But sitting out the National Anthem and putting out blanket statements is a show of bigotry and ignorance.


Yea he can stick it where the sun don’t shine…having said that, the TEAM and the NFL have backed him up!!!

I can tell you who would NOT have tolerated it and would have release him if he ever did it again: Clint Murchison Jr and Tom Landry…


I don’t ever watch any of these traitors and their teams. They’ve all sold out to the democratic party, except for a few, who wisely keep their mouths shut.


I have been a 49ers fan for decades but I will root for them to lose every game until they get rid of this Racist Traitor who is nothing but a virus to the team and the Nation that has sacrificed so much so he can be a worthless Racist jackass with millions in the bank.

You can be for the United States or for Black Lives Matter but there can be no unity between these two entities, the former stands for Liberty and Justice for all and the latter has only murder and racism as its agenda.


I will never watch a 49ers game again…unless they s**tcan this SOB.


Kaepernick converted to Islam, is marrying BLM promoter Nessa Diab, also a muslim!



Why is I BELIEVE they are Sooooo PROUD of their boy…


Given the fact that Chip Kelly is the 49ers coach, you might get your wish. As an Eagles fan I can tell you that he is a stubborn, tone deaf coach who as the flexibility of a steel girder. His hurry up offense plays into the smart defenses in the NFL. All you need to do is get them to go three and out repeatedly as the offense runs around like confused mice. Then the defense is forced to stay on the field until it’s worn down to nothing. He also has a huge ego that prompts him to run all of his good players out of town. “The Chipster” needs to go back to college coaching where he belongs.


Kap graduated from Univ. Nevada Reno - a school where “Sand Pile” is considered an academic discipline. On top of that, he is in the extreme Left “echo chamber” known as San Francisco - a place where the abnormal is considered mainstream and the drumbeat from the extreme Left is all that is heard.

He apparently believes the police systematically shoot African Americans. As far as I know, and based on repeated investigations of police shootings of people of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, the only systematic shooting/killing of people of color takes place among residents of our inner cities - cities like Chicago and Detroit - cities typically governed by Democrats.

My guess is that Kap will be doing a great deal of sitting this year even after the National Anthem is played.

He certainly has the right to sit out the anthem and he has the right to lawfully express his beliefs. And so do his teammates and fans. What Kap fails to recognize is that our flag and anthem is in large part a tribute to those brave souls who have fought and died to ensure that we all have that right - including him.


Saw him on TV this am, he is a college grad??? Clearly he got his degree in Affirmative Action Program.

He said he was doing it because the Police shoot blacks and then get to go on paid leave for shooting them…


Somebody should tell him that police shoot about 5% of the blacks shot annually in the U.S. The other 95% are shot by other blacks. If he’d gotten even a half-assed education at UN-Reno, he’d already know that.


This might be a ploy on his part to avoid getting cut from the team. From what I’ve heard, despite his All Star status from a couple of seasons ago, he’s not the big deal that he used to be.

Football fans remember the sad story of Robert Griffin III with the Washington politically incorrect Redskins. He was viewed as the future of the franchise several seasons ago, but now I don’t know were he is. Last year the coarch was afraid to play him at all because he had a cause in his contract that he would be paid a fortune if he was injured.

Pro football careers, especially for running backs and quarterbacks can be very short.


He gets 11.8 million this year whether he plays, sits or gets cut. He also has sucked for a couple years now and it was questionable whether he would even make the team this year, he demanded a trade after last year and nobody wanted him. All this means is that he knew this was his last NFL payday so he could speak his mind with no consequences, he hates the United States and white people and the millions he has made in the NFL will go for buying explosives, guns and ammunition for Black Lives Matter to kill white people and cops.


…and his PARENTS are white. What an utter moron.


Like Obama he was raised by white people who did a selfless job and are rewarded with a racist, brain dead terrorist who hates the United States.


So a mediocre football player with, so far as I know, no education or experience in public policy dealing with the manifold social ills facing America’s black population is now taken seriously as a commentator? No wonder this country is so far down the crapper…



I don’t see any reason to buy his jersey (and give him royalties) to burn it.

If I had them, I’d burn my season tickets.

Since I don’t…well…I already killed my television.

Pro football is dead to me. Groupthink is taking them to the point of kicking out the underpinnings of this society which has made them so incredibly rich…I can’t stop it but I won’t acknowledge that he’s doing it.

A performer without an audience…soon becomes a former performer. And people like him have no other skills.


The white people who raised Barry Hussein Dunham-Soetoro, were self-loathing Marxists.

Yah, I know, Gram was a bank president. I’m glad I didn’t bank at that bank. Granpappy was a drunk and a friend of Frank Marshall Davis; and there’s some legitimate question as to whether he was prostituting his teen daughter to friend Frank.

For Frank took dirty pictures of teenaged Stanley Anne; and later wrote a dirty poem about her.

But at least it explains Barry’s twisted mentality…if it doesn’t excuse his very existence…