5 Things Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers


5 Things Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers
by Paula Bolyard

… While politicians and activists battle over the legislative issues, compassionate counselors at non-profit pregnancy resource centers (and their donors) quietly make a monumental difference in the lives of mothers, fathers, and babies every hour of every day across the United States. They literally save the lives of babies.

It’s no wonder Planned Parenthood warns women to avoid these non-profit pregnancy centers which, let’s be honest, hurt their bottom line.

Here are some things you may not know — 5 Things Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Want You to Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers:
1. Pregnancy Resource Centers Outnumber Abortion Clinics

Most reports estimate there are around 2500 pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in the United States. But two networks alone — Care Net and Heartbeat International – boast 2115 centers between them. A third network, Birthright International, lists six centers within 50 miles of my home in northeast Ohio. These networks don’t include independently operated centers, so the 2500 estimate is likely a low number.

2. Pregnancy Centers Provide Free Services

Most centers provide all of their services to their clients free of charge. This may include an initial pregnancy test, counseling, and, at many centers, an ultrasound so the mother has the opportunity to see her unborn baby. And unlike abortion clinics, pregnancy centers care for the mother throughout her pregnancy and even during the child’s infancy. The centers can provide maternity and baby clothes, diapers, formula, and furniture. At most centers, the clients can earn credits to “shop” for items they need by attending childbirth and parenting classes.

Some centers operate homes for pregnant moms who find themselves homeless. In addition to taking parenting classes, the mothers learn life skills, enabling them to provide better lives for themselves and their babies.

One of the narratives of Pro-Abortion folk, their politician-pimps and their shills in the MSM is that Pro-Life people don’t care about the mother and the baby beyond the mother giving birth. As this article illustrates, their narrative is pretty much an inversion of reality. The narrative is rather fragile lie as well, as learning what services Pro-Life pregnancy resource centers is as easy as visiting their websites and finding the page listing the offered services.


Susanna called my attention, in Random Thoughts thread,
to this picture:

And Sussana calling my attention to that pic in Random Thoughts, caused me to go in
search on YouTube and I found Andrea Bocelli’s abortion story in his own words:

Andrea Bocelli is a world class (many say the world class) classical music tenor known
worldwide for his magnificient operas and classical songs and popular songs as well.

I am very glad Andrea Bocelli’s mother did NOT abort him, had she, the world would never
have heard Bocelli sing Nessun Dorma:
(and dozens and dozens of other amazingly magnificient and beautiful songs)

Thank you, Sussana.


I was looking for a recent thread on the subject of abortion, and found this one. This post does
relate to the subject of abortion.



Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli first made his pro-life stance public in 2010 when he recorded a video discussing his mother’s decision not to have an abortion even though she was encouraged to after coming down with appendicitis while pregnant.** “Of course, personally I do not share the idea of being able to interrupt life arbitrarily,” he told The Telegraph in 2011. “But I cannot be the judge of those who decide in a different way. As much as I can, I show them an example and act as a role model, because I believe this is the only way.”** Pro-Life Celebrities: Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson And Other Stars Who Are Anti-Abortion


Bocelli On Abortion is interesting, I just today discovered his story and some of his views on the subject of abortion.

These two quotes from the article below stood out:

"I am not only fighting against something, I am fighting for something - and I am for life,” he said.

"but I was not prepared for all this fuss and delayed explosion.”__Bocelli

I certainly am glad my musical man Bocelli was spared.


Start quote.

June 21, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Andrea Bocelli wants to make it clear that he is not merely “anti-abortion” but genuinely pro-life, in the fullest sense. In an interview this weekend with the Italian newspaper Il Foglio, the world-renowned singer said his position is founded on his deeply held Catholic faith.

“Because of my personal convictions as a devout Catholic, I am not only fighting against something, I am fighting for something - and I am for life,” he said.

Earlier this month, a video was widely circulated showing the blind singer sitting at a piano, telling the story of his own birth. He recounted how doctors had tried to convince his mother to abort him after she suffered an attack of appendicitis. Doctors said that the child would be born with a disability.

Bocelli was born in 1958 to Alessandro and Edi Bocelli and was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. By age 12 he was completely blind.

“Maybe I am partisan, but I can say it was the right choice,” said Bocelli in the video about his mother’s decision to reject the doctors’ advice, and give birth to him.

In the Il Foglio article, titled “La Forza della Vita” (The Force of Life), Bocelli said the video was made a year and a half ago for a priest friend, Father Richard Frechette, a missionary who works with children in Haiti, to raise funds for a new home.

The priest, he said, “asked me to say a few words of hope for mothers in difficulties and I chose to tell the story of my birth. I did it privately, telling the story of my mother without even asking permission, but I was not reprimanded [by her], but I was not prepared for all this fuss and delayed explosion.”

Bocelli said that after the video began to circulate, he received many more phone calls than usual from all over the world, from people wanting to know more about his story.

He said that he had never wanted to talk about his blindness, “because really in my life are much more important things to tell: my life is a fairy tale, the story of a child who could not wait to go to Mass on Sundays because he would eventually be allowed to play a bit of the organ, who followed a dream and at one point that dream has come true.”

With the video story of his birth, he said, “I wanted to help, to comfort people who are in difficulties who sometimes just need to not feel abandoned: life is difficult, but you have to listen to them.”

Andrea Bocelli Confirms: He’s Not Merely Anti-Abortion, he’s “For Life” | LifeSiteNews.com


There is little reason anymore for a woman to have an abortion. I used to volunteer in a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Michigan. What these caring and dedicated people do is nothing short of miraculous. They turn hearts by non-judgmental love and true caring for the women and their unborn babies. There is nothing that they will not do to help a pregnant woman and her child…nothing. This is why planned parenthood is so evil. It has one purpose: $$$. On January 22 of each year, I used to take my high school students (boys and girls) to pray the rosary outside of a local abortion mill. We did nothing to disturb anyone and were not allowed on the property. We prayed on a little patch of grass about 100 yards from the entrance. What my students and I experienced was the hatred and contempt of the staff of the abortion mill as they drove out of the parking lot at lunchtime. One man, perhaps an abortionist, in his BMW, rolled his window down, stopped in front of about 10 students, spat on them, and called them f*g a**holes. My kids did not respond, but continued to pray quietly. Another woman did something similar–she flipped off the students, and threw a cup of coffee at them. When we got back to school, the kids were puzzled as to why these people showed such hatred for them–they were only praying. I told them that they (students) were witnessing to the injustice of what was happening in the abortion mill. Those people don’t like to be told they’re wrong.



** “Those people don’t like to be told they’re wrong” ** is becoming more and more an issue in American society within
the culture war between People Of Faith and the secular culture.

Some say the First Amendment and Free Speech is whats at stake here in America the Land of Human Rights and The Great Creeds Of Liberty.

We’ll find out if they’re right as the months/years roll on.

I sometimes wonder if the secularists and the activists courts are foolish enough to wake up the huge enormous sleeping giant of American
Christendom by passing and actually enforcing laws against Free Speech.

Imo, there are thousands of Christian pastors in America that would like nothing more than to be jailed by the secular activists courts for
speaking out against what they think is wrong.

These pastors have read their “Martin Luther King and their Gandhi”, so to speak.

Just think how big a boost American Christendom would get if it had 300 of its pastors and other leaders sitting in American jails as
political prisoners convicted of “something they said” ~~~ and thats how it would be perceived by the vast majority of Christendom
and by huge numbers of the non-Christian world in America and throughout the entire world.

I can assure you that American Christendom has a large segment (a mere 2% of American Christendom is a huge number of people)
within it that would love nothing more than to be convicted and jailed for "something they said’ with regard to merely speaking out in
the public square against behavior they believe to be wrong.

I personally don’t think the secular activist courts are so dull-witted that they’ll actually wake-up this huge giant of Western Christendom
from his slumber ~~ but keep your eye on Canada, they’re moving in that direction, and I think the Christian martyrs up there are
waiting eagerly in the wings hoping to be convicted and jailed in Canada for “something they said.”