5 Tips for Coming Out as a Black Conservative


5 Tips for Coming Out as a Black Conservative
by Walter Hudson

You can fill in the rest of the story. What Limbaugh had to say on those daily drives to college proved more enlightening than what I was offered in class. I was not converted so much as matched with the ideology I implicitly held.

As I came of age politically, the reality of being a black conservative was no more isolating than being a Jehovah’s Witness. I had grown used to being a minority within a minority, the odd guy out, and having to routinely explain myself to others. While I eventually dropped the religion, I maintained its contentment with abnormality. As a result, I did not endure quite the same trials which many other black conservatives do when they reveal their values to a community enthralled by liberation theology.

Nevertheless, life as a black conservative has granted me insight into the plight facing those who stand up for what they believe in. Here are 5 tips for coming out as a black conservative.

5) Realize That “Conservatives” Are the Modern Radicals

… However, as the “center” of the political discourse has moved further to the statist Left over the past century, we have abandoned the rule of law for a repackaged rule of men. That leaves those on the Right, we who seek limited government constituted to protect the rights of individuals, as radicals amidst a sea of leftist reactionaries seeking to drag us back to the dark age.

This is important for you to realize as you come out of the political closet and reveal your values, because you will be cast as a self-hating negro who seeks the comfort of the master’s house. Fellow blacks will call you reactionary, even as they snuggle at the feet of Democratic patrons begging for rations.

2) “Cheat Out” Your Arguments

In a theatrical play on a common proscenium stage, actors must conscientiously present themselves to the audience, standing at an angle to each other which would be awkward and unnatural in real life. This is called cheating out, and reigns as perhaps the most common note given to student and amateur performers. Even though actors engage each other in dialogue as though no one else were watching, cheating out acknowledges those seated beyond the invisible fourth wall as the true intended audience.

So it is in our political discourse. It proves sadly true that the vast majority of opponents you engage in argument will never be converted to your position. Accepting this futility removes “winning the argument” as a reasonable goal. Instead, tussles with those among the Left serve one of two purposes. Private discussions act as reconnaissance, revealing what your opponent believes and why he believes it. In public debates, whether formal or impromptu, the intent is to convince onlookers.

Maybe I’m being too kind regarding human nature, but I find it sad that this has become an accurate reflection of a significant part of reality. It’s not just limited to black conservatives, either. Conservatives in academia … Conservatives in Hollyweird … Conservatives in social services … Conservatives in SF, Santa Cruz, Berserkeley, etc. …


I think what would really help to fix this whole scenario is getting rid of labels completely. When someone hears that somebody is a liberal/conservative/libertarian or whatever other classification, they automatically form an opinion of you and cannot be convinced otherwise. Actual beliefs in issues and stances should be what takes precidence, not a automatic classification to a party. When you can instantly be labeled as something, there is no way to look otherwise in a good majority of people’s eyes. Too bad this will never be able to change.