50 days straight of declining gas prices


And the price has more than doubled since Biden took office.

Nice spin, but it doesn’t work.

The lower gas prices are a reflection of less driving. In my case, I’ve curtailed the use of my big Cadillac CT-6 which burns premium and use the mid sized SUV CS5 more which uses regular. Some people have chucked the summer vacation or cut it way back, which is not good for the vacation industry and the economy.

What’s left of Biden’s brain is rotten, cruel and dishonest. He’s the worst president ever because he’s gone out his way to hurt a large section of the U.S. population, including the low income groups, which Democrats say they represent.

The goal is to force people into electric cars, which you can’t find to purchase and if you could would be over $50k. The administration is been very open about that. The administration has done nothing to make the electric grid capable of handling to new demand to run electric cars. The administration has not thought about the fact that 88% of electricity comes from fossil fuels. Like a bunch of college sophomores, the administration is long on far left bull crap and short how to make it really work. The trouble Biden and his cabinet are not college sophomores; they are in charge of running the country.

We’ll see what happens in the fall. The next crisis may be with home heating oil, which like is diesel fuel. At over $5 a gallon, some people in the colder climates are going to have to choose between heating their homes and eating. That will be one more opportunity for the Democrats to make more people dependent upon the government.

Somebody has to work to pull the wagon. The Democrats have no respect for those who do the real work. Instead they sit in their Washington ivory towers and dictate policy.

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Democrats love this one. Crime in big cities has like tripled, if one of them sees a .05 reduction in crime they’ll rave about how how safe they’re making American

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I saw where Pete Buttigieg was crowing about the people who blamed Biden for $5.00 were supposedly silent now that the price has fallen $0.50-1.00 a gallon.

Tell you what, Pete; get back to me when it’s fallen another couple bucks a gallon so that it’s in line with what it was when he took office. Until then, shut your pie hole.


Buttigieg has missed a golden opportunity to keep his mouth shut

I get the feeling he’s missed many such opportunities.

Sorry; I just have to point this out. It’s like someone chops your arm off with a sword, and then expects credit for helping you when he grabs a bandaid. Typical left wing logic on display for the world.

"oh look gas prices went down a little bit.

after going up a LOT" :expressionless:

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