6 Nov YOU make the call

  1. We will not have a winner today, its gonna dirty and more dirty…looks for repeat of Bush Gore…UNLESS

  2. There is a wide gape, such as 310+ Electoral votes cast for either one

  3. While I can make a case for either to win and in fact in my writings I have felt Obama would take it the optimist in me is going to call it for Romney:

a) Obama will NOT get MORE votes in '12 than he did in '08

b) The polls are heavily tilted towards Obama. Some polls are asking over 700 Dems per 1000 who they are going to vote for, this puts the poll in favor of a Dem

c) Racist vote. The tone was set a LONG time ago as in '08, that NOT voting for Obama make a white a racist, hence many keep there real feeling to themselves. ESPECIALLY on fone polls. Black intimidation worked in '08 and will work now, so keep your mouth shut or else

  1. Romney by 320+ Electoral votes (and Romney takes the popular vote also) when the dust settles…IF the dust settles and we do not go to a Constitutional crises as ALMOST occurred in Bush-Gore

That is my call…[LEFT][/LEFT]


As I have said before, Don, Obama will not “go quietly into that good night” The skinny weasel will somehow stymie any negative results, wherever he can. My original thought was he might call for martial law if he was losing big, and THAT is still a possibility.


I see once again the military has problems with their votes–not exactly a new thing–the democrats pull this every national election. I hear if they are allowed to vote, their vote will be counted later and of course it will be contested so it does not count.

Same old same old.


Yes, our military our been voting since at least WWII from countries outside the US. But the Dims always seem to have a problem with it and in Dim states the military always seems to get LOST or the paperwork not done in time…anyone noticed that???