67% of young adults live with Parents in U.S.


Countries Where the Most Young Adults Live With Their Parents[FONT=inherit]Since the Great Recession of 2008, there have been significant shifts worldwide in the number of young adults living at home.
[FONT=inherit]But in some countries, the change has been more long-lasting and severe than in others.
[FONT=inherit]From 2007 to 2014, the number of youth living at home across the countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development increased only slightly, by 1.2 percent, according to a report released by the organization on Wednesday. And in some nations, the percentage of youth living parents actually decreased.

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So why is this in the U.S.? Could it be because there are no jobs that they could be taking since obama has flooded the country with illegals? Jobs that would be available if illegals were treated the way they should.


It isn’t just the economy, although I’ve no doubt that it’s a large factor. But another is that young men and women (especially men) are being taught not to mature.


I agree with Fantasy Chaser about not being taught to mature. Kids now days want that “perfect” job & don’t even understand taking less than what you want & working your way up. We have to many safeguards that they can fall back on & not do anything while waiting. Of course on the other hand we do have less “good” jobs available because we’ve been greedy in the past demanding high pay for lower skill jobs. Basically only those with drive will do well in these times.


I think it is a mix of both low paying jobs in this economy and the fact that they are not mature enough to get out on their own. Parents are not forcing kids to learn basic life skills. My mother still makes my 16 year old sisters lunch in the morning. She cannot wash her own clothes nor does she know how to start a dishwasher. She cannot cook on a stove. She knows no practical skills. I have told my mother and her both that it is a damn shame that she cannot even take care of herself at her age. I was doing all of that before I turned 10 and I didn’t have to be forced to learn it.


She knows no practical skills.
Seravee is right in that we just don’t teach that stuff anymore. Back in the very old days fathers taught their sons how to hunt to put food on the table. Fast forward some & they were teaching their kids how to grow things, again to put food on the table. Well hunting & farming isn’t a needed skill for most anymore & they aren’t taught like they were. But the stuff that replaced them (like Seravee named) isn’t taught either. And on top of that we don’t teach them any skills even to the point of how to handle money or understand credit. We are basically turning our kids out into society unprepared & wondering why they aren’t surviving. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like there’s a contest between parents to see who can screw up their kids the most. It’s either parents just overlooking what their kids really need to learn or trying to make their kids lives easier than their life has been. But the results have been to enable our kids to survive without the needed life tools to survive.
My kids are a perfect example. I raised my oldest. By 9 years old he was able to balance a check book & was able to pay bills with checks. (I was a single parent & had him put on my checking account). About every 3 or 4 months he paid all of the monthly bills. He learned how to handle money, that money was important in life & that you had to WORK to earn money. My other son was raised by his mother who’s financials skills were lacking. (She has been BK twice & both times she was making more money than I was). Fast forward to now. The oldest is a success by any monetary measure, paying more in taxes than I make per year. The youngest “plans” to break even every month (which I admit is better than his mother). Any money left over after payday is never there when next payday rolls around. It’s a little late to change him so all I can do is wait for the train wreck.


I don’t even think that it’s because we don’t teach them… most parents do the opposite. They’re over protective and take up after their kids like a servant.

My mother didn’t really teach me to take care of myself at all. She just let me(and encouraged it from a young age). Which most helicopter parents of 2016 do not do.