69th Anniversary of D-Day, 06-06-1944


**69th Anniversary of D-Day, 06-06-1944 **




Today is the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Europe by Allied forces in WWII. Check out the above links for some great historical info and take some time to reflect on the veterans and their sacrifices.


That generation is almost completely gone now, and I don’t think we’ll ever have a generation like it again (at least not in my lifetime.)

Some worship heroes like JFK (for the Dems, I guess), Reagan (for the R’s), Mother Theresa, etc., but THOSE guys (and gals too) were the REAL HEROES. There will never be a way to thank them enough.

Can anyone imagine so many troops, so much materiél, so much dedication, being gathered today, and it being done WILLINGLY? (Yes, I know with modern warfare methods, that abundance is not needed, nevertheless if it were, can you see that happening?) If today there were aggression like there was then, we would all be speaking Japanese and German soon.

I was in combat in Vietnam, and my experiences couldn’t hold a candle to what these guys went through.

They ARE my heroes!!!