79 shot, 15 fatally in Chicago. How is that "defund the police idea working out?

Crime broke out a big way in Democrat run cities over the weekend. Chicago led “the hit parade” with 79 shot and 15 dead, including a few children. In Atlanta a woman pulled into the place when the Wendy’s was burned down a week and a half ago. To “protectors” opened fire, killing her eight year old daughter. The little girl was African-American. In New York City shootings are up over 200% from a year ago.

One African-American man decried the death and cited Black Lives Matter as a problem.

So how is that shut down or defund police policy working for you liberal supporters of Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Do you feel safer with your far left thug squads taking care of you?

How about it, Mr. Brown? Are you among the shut down the police crowd?

I know that for you this post is “racist,” but perhaps you will hold your nose and comment.

Personally, I think they should defund the police departments in the cities where BLM and antifa are promoted. But, instead of a wall around Mexico’s border, let’s have walls built around these defunded police areas. Keep 'em inside so they can’t run and ruin other cities and towns. Nuff of this nonsense already!

I think that we should re-name the whole state of California “Chop” and send all of the far left Bozos there. They would be starting up with one of the largest economies in the world. We could see how fast they could wreck it with their economic system.

If California is not big enough for all of them, the rest could move to New York which would be “Chaz.” Bill de Blasio could be their king. As it was in the early days of the de Blasio rule in New York City, they could bring back the naked ladies back to Times Square. That might keep the straight rioters entertained for at least the summer months. It would be interesting to see how long “Chaz” would survive.

As for the rest us, we could live in peace without.them. We would build wall around “Chaz” and “Chop” and let anyone in who wanted to go. BUT like the Roach Motel vermin catchers, they could not check out. They would have to stay there, walled in with the system they want.

The police can’t fix black neighborhoods. Cultural changes are required. Tons of police action hasn’t fixed it. More policing won’t magically fix it. The black crime rate was far lower a hundred years ago than it is now. Police barely existed in black areas back then.