98 Major Advertisers Dump Rush Limbaugh

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How come those countries that gave up their guns and religion aren’t better off than when they kept them?
[/quote]Why don’t you recall we have been told many a times that those countries just have not done communism or socialism the way it should be done–wink wink:wink:

That is blatantly false, I heard the entire show that day and you are parroting propaganda you heard from your Liberal Masters.

I heard the line and then some and I have to be honest, it just sounds retarded no matter how you try to analyze it.

There has been also other issues that I cannot recall now in which he sounded a bit off his rocker if not outright. To be honest though, I don’t catalog the guy quite like you so I’ll back off. You’re obviously a fan, I am not, therefore I could really care less what he says. I just hope you’re being honest to yourself in the end.

Like coming onto a conservative website and telling people how stupid they are?

I actually do this between a lot of other tasks(all of which I can do without hearing Rush during them) and I don’t think they’re stupid, just misguided and foolish in a lot of cases. There is a difference as one implies they can’t learn.

May I refer you to the first rule of holes…? More condescension isn’t helping.

I condescend because I’ve been relentlessly condescended by both statist-based factions in everything they say, time and time again. You can’t even mention of peace without someone blowing a blood vessel and looking at you like you’ve come from another planet. It gets old and has made me rough around the edges to say the least. Difference between me and them is I am more to the point with my blade they have a habit of trying to stealthily worm it in as all power-mongers do.

I am going to apologize in advance and say that I will not be the most kind individual on this board and I don’t care to be. I do not like being pushed around or my views discredited because they don’t goose-stepping with everyone else’s. There was a time I proudly considered myself a conservative because I thought it meant something more than to conserve the tripe, forgetting what matters. I didn’t decide to proclaim myself as a libertarian because it sounded cool, I did so because it was the only political argument that made any sense to me in the end. So allow me to hit on the note I’ve been harping with all this time; Rush is a loon like many modern conservatives and gives a bad name to them all.

Simple as that. You either like it or you don’t, suck it up. You attack my icons all the time. You probably would take a crap all over Eisenhower given the chance for crying out loud.

You repeatedly claim how naive and uninformed we are as you bellow dogmatic opinions about things that you have zero first hand knowledge of.

I am certainly opinionated and I do not begrudge anyone for being the same but there is a large difference between having opinions based on actual relevant information that is reliable and having opinions based on hearsay from proven liars with an agenda.

If you cannot see the fundamental lack of character that is inherent in condemning a man and those who are fans of said man based on information that you have made no effort to substantiate or deem credible then I guess it makes sense why you don’t see how you are a perfect example of all that you accuse others of.

I am still a Constitutional Conservative because all of my critics are proved to be creatures of indoctrination and hearsay in short order, if I ever meet the puppet master of the Extreme Left maybe an actual debate can ensue.

Guess you don’t know what the first rule of holes is, and you clearly don’t know me or my politics. You sure you aren’t a democrat?

That one is a bit dated friend.

Secondly, I was talking in generalities.

How many times do I need to tell you? I heard it firsthand and you can spin it however you want, he sounded like an idiot. Plain and simple. I’m not basing this off of someone’s word so get past that, please, its already aged enough. In fact when I first had a true opinion of it was after hearing a recording and no, it was not just the line alone. It didn’t come across as bad as people tried to make it out to be but still pretty pathetic.

Also, the majority of you are the same puppets you fight as ironic as that might be. You’re part of the old establishment that desperately needs to die off, and no, the “Tea Party” is by and large a joke with very small differences from the coward statists hiding out in our capital as we speak. I have no respect for you or your kin, in fact I view you as a plague that has managed to claw its way through eons past to sicken mankind anew. In a deep recess of my heart, I absolutely hate you but I also realize like all disease you can recover from it.

Get real fast because you’re not going to bully me out of here. You’re spread out across this country like your liberal brethren, I’ve had my fill of the both. Two sides to the same problem if you ask me.

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That is blatantly false, I heard the entire show that day and you are parroting propaganda you heard from your Liberal Masters.
[/quote]More than likely what he saw on the comedy channel which he uses for news

Still accurate. Why should your jackassery hurt me? I was just helpfully pointing it out to you so you’d maybe understand that the negative reactions you’re getting are less to your opinions (which we’ve heard before)than to your attitude (which we’ve seen before).

We’ve had lots of windy penny-grabbers just like you come and go around here. You’re nothing new. By all means, reject everything which doesn’t reinforce your imagined intellectual superiority. When you spout nonsense, it will be trounced. When you act an ass, you will be called an ass. If you don’t like being called an ass, don’t act like one.

(Pete, you may now pile on the infractions for my repeated use of the word ass, which I contend is accurate, and stand by)

You did not hear the entire context, you heard a selected clip and you let others do your thinking for you, like all Leftists.

You are the puppet, you are the one guilty of the old, tired, slothful strategy of jumping on-board whatever bandwagon sounds unique to your naive mind that is not aware that what you are spewing has been repackaged and re-spewed for decades.

Every generation has a small percentage of people who will willingly turn over their thinking responsibilities to others and never challenge anything as long as you tell these sheep it is “cool” or “new”.

History is littered with the corpses of those who decide as you, that thinking for oneself is not worth the effort. They usher in tyranny and leave their posterity with only horror and misery as a legacy if they succeed.

Your “Hate” is as meaningless as all your other opinions, based only on childish ignorance and fueled by fantasy’s formed on lies and propaganda. You utter your commentaries as if you think you are conveying substance, all you are revealing is how little information you require before you think you have enough substance to be dogmatic.

I do not need to “get real”, I am already “real” as are the actual facts that I utilize in forming opinions. Your method of regurgitating cliff notes from others that you only assume know what they are talking about because you are too lazy to think for yourself is the only thing “Fake” in this debate.

And I have no desire to run you off, I enjoy the presence of a few opponents. It serves as a constant reminder and proof that most of my opponents are indoctrinated with propaganda that they cannot substantiate and that once they are shown this…They do not care one bit.

Weak minds may cause imbeciles like Ron Paul to appear more viable than he is for a short while but weak minds also are never the catalyst for anything great or beneficial.

Drunks and Children will cheer you, I hope that is worth the price of checking your brain at the door.

I’m not so sure that it is a small " percentage of people who will willingly turn over their thinking responsibilities to others", right now.

True enough.

Careful with the language guys.

Ah yes. RET is doing the old trick. To claim you believe that it’s ok for someone to have an opinion and say it’s their right, but if their opinion is different then they are uneducated, feeding off propaganda, insert next RET quote here ad nauseam. Because if you can de-legitimize someone’s opinion, then you can nullify it entirely. All the while claiming that you believe everyone should have an opinion. Wink wink I get it RET, I see what you did there. Pain, don’t worry. RET and his minion spade like to bully and de-legitimize but there are plenty of libertarians and non-hate filled members of this forum around.

I can say without hesitation or doubt that one thing you never do is “get what I did there”, “getting things” is not anywhere near your wheelhouse.

And the fact that you cannot discern the difference between saying “everyone has a right their opinion” and “everyone’s opinion is of equal value” is an accurate synopsis of everything you have ever offered in any thread.

Your mind is already made up about everything, no need to confuse yourself with facts.
I predict that you and our new “The American Founders were just like the 9/11 Terrorist’s” poster will become fast friends who exchange many “Yeah That’s!”.

Gee, PoP, in some posts you claim to have listened to Rush make - according to you - certain crazy claims. In other posts you say knowing what Rush says is a waste of time. Do you think conservatives so stupid as to not notice such a blatant contradiction? Even when made in the same thread? And did you really think you could persuade folks here that you would listen to two full, continuous, minutes of Rush after expressing such disdain for him? Maybe your apparent superiority complex has trapped you into underestimating folks here.

I know I’m far from unique or brilliant, but I learned over 10 years ago that the first and second things to do when liberals and such claim a conservative said or did something whacky is to check if that conservative said or did it at all, and to check the context. What I find has almost always reflected on the knowledge or character of the person making the claim. In the case at hand, I already knew your claim was false from having seen Houston’s article a month ago. The only “problem” was finding it again, which took two or three minutes. Your doubling down on the false claim told me what I need to know …