A Basket of Deplorables - Remaking an old classic


During the 1940 presidential race Wendel Willkie’s supporters issued this button that called for the trashing of The New Deal.

Here’s a update on a classic for the current race.


Good one!


Maybe we shouldn’t pick on the democrats so much. After all they have always had an affinity for people wearing sheets. They just can’t help it. (wink).


Here is token the Klan put out in the 1920s. I’ll gurantee you that there were not many Republicans who carried this thing around.


That’s one heck of a token.
When I was about 13 we used to get clan info in our mail box. We lived in Arkansas & they would drive by sometime during the night & put it in there. Funny how times have changed. Now I’m much more likely to get Black Lives Matter in my mail box. I guess we haven’t come all that far, have we?


Racism is racism.

Who’s on top, really matters little in the end. When we’re divided by race…those who divide us, do so for their own advancement.

The Elites win, so long as we’re playing the color-chip game.


Yeah, we have. BLM have killed more people in the last year, than the Klan has in the last 50 years.
They’re more like the Klan back in its Reconstruction days.