A brilliant analysis of American politics today

Sure, I’m completely against banning sites, or having some sort of government or quasi-government ‘fact checker’ monitoring everything that is posted on them.

On the other hand, it would be good if the more sophisticated wing of the conservative movement helped educate everyone about these toxic sites, whose only aim is to drain money from patriots.

I’ll be happy to comment on your other threads. Is there an easy way to find them? Or could you give me two or three links?

That is good.

You also just reminded me of the fake news factcheckers: Mostly they are more fake news sites, calling themselves factcheckers, as a means to prop up other fake news. Dan Bongino exposed one recently that Facebook uses for its so-called factchecking.

Unfortunately, in the Internet age, that is impossible. Their sites get lost in the mix with the rest. A person has to already know in advance who they can trust.

Ironically, Trump is the only president to point a finger and call out specific fake news channels. Before Trump, politicians rarely publicly picked winner and losers.

Parenting is so important these days. The only reason I did not fall under the “woke” spell that all my peers did is because of my dad.

I am pretty sure you just click the logo on the top left corner of the page to see all the threads: LINK

Here are some not commented on yet:

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Okay, I’ve looked at all the posted threads and made comments --none of them of any import, though – on the threads where I felt I could say something.

I think threads that will provoke comments, from me and others, are those which discuss what strategy and tactics we should be pursuing in order to hold back the Left, and/or discussions of what foreign policy the nations of the Free World should pursue.

I thought that 40 Years - The Wickedness of the Children of God was pretty good. One generation, from destroying communism to embracing it. No import?

I meant that I had nothing of any import to say.

I do not understand why Western civilization is destroying itself, led by its elite.

In the past elites have often been too immersed in the pleasures of being on top, to pay attention to what was going on below them.

When you read about, say, the English Civil War, or the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution … you keep thinking, “Jeez, guys … didn’t you see this coming? Why didn’t you make some concessions, some changes, to accommodate the people you were angering?”

In the case of monarchies, you can say, it was just a genetic accident that fairly stupid people inherited the throne, instead of smart people. If you had put Bismarck’s brain into Kaiser Wilhelm (the Second)‘s body, we wouldn’t have had WWI. If you had put Stolypin’s brain into Czar Nicholas’ body, Russia would today be a prosperous constitutional monarchy, like the Scandinavian countries.

But our ruling elites are highly intelligent, well educated … and yet they are watching while the Leftists iin our cultural apparatus dissolve the social glue that holds us together.


Beats me. Which is why I had nothing to say to your post re Reagan and the Pope. Forty years ago, we put Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in power, and although the liberal intelligentsia screamed bloody murder, the people who own the big corporations were not unhappy. But today …

I don’t understand why this has happened.

There is a theory, I think by one General Glubb, that says that empires – let’s call them ‘civilizations’ – only last about ten generations – 250 years – on average, because the militant, fighting, self-confident spirit that animates their leaders at all levels when the civilization in question is starting out, fighting enemies – starts to deteriorate when victory is achieved, and the civilization in question is secure, and begins to reap the material rewards of its victories. In short, the rulers and the social layers immediately below them, get fat and lazy.

It’s an intriguing idea, but I’m not convinced. But I have no alternative explanation.

I think the reason you don’t get many replies to your posts is this: this is a mainly-conservative site, and most of the things you have posted so far are things we all more or less agree with.

Try posting something that could provoke a discussion – where there is disagreement among conservatives. Or, something that brings new information to us.

For example, I think you’re in Australia. The Australian health care system seems pretty good to me, but I’m an outsider and know little about it. So something on that subject would be interesting.

Or perhaps something on Australia’s immigration policy.

There is at least one other Australian, more or less on the Left, who posts here … so we might have a goo debate.

I sure provoke the moderator. LOL :slight_smile:

Well, okay, but the moderators here are conservative.

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