A Cruz Jump-start Going Forward


I wrote a piece awhile back called The Fix Is In where I tried to explain the near impossibility for any Candidate not chosen by the Establishment GOP to win the GOP Primary, I was hoping this year might see those strategies defeated but after Iowa it seems those strategies will once again help the Establishment GOP to get a…

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Are Cruz and Trump establishment candidates? I thought they were outsiders, especially Trump.


Exactly what made you think I wrote otherwise?


Mostly good list. I’d ax 6. That might even add a net gain. I could get behind a candidate who did this. I don’t trust national politicians to do so.

Right now, my favorite candidate is one who wanted to break up the country into its constituent counties, creating so many county-states in a loose confederation with Bill of Rights style limitations in order to be members – no requirement for membership. Can you imagine these cities covering multiple counties actually having to work with rural counties for resources instead of dictating terms. Or maybe just at the very least a State of Jefferson that includes most of Oregon, sans Portland, Eugene and Corvallis, and Northern California. Oh, so exciting!

Sorry…just a little bored at the moment, dreaming and rambling. Of course there isn’t a candidate for this.


Regarding the 10 pieces of legislation: How would Cruz, or anyone else for that matter, get a roll call vote in the Senate? The democrats are certain to filibuster all of them.



A**s I just mentioned in another thread:


As they say, when you come to a gunfight don’t bring a knife. The Dems use underhanded methods, and its time we give them a taste of their own medicine. The next president needs to tell the GOP leadership to change the rules so that the Dems can’t filibuster. Oh, there will be yelling and hollering, but we will have ONE chance to reverse the course of this country and I say use every weapon you can muster.

Remember this from 2013:

*"Senate Democrats took the dramatic step Thursday of eliminating filibusters for most nominations by presidents, a power play they said was necessary to fix a broken system but one that Republicans said will only rupture it further.

Democrats used a rare parliamentary move to change the rules so that federal judicial nominees and executive-office appointments can advance to confirmation votes by a simple majority of senators, rather than the 60-vote supermajority that has been the standard for nearly four decades."* - The Washington Post (LINK)

Okay - Let’s fire both barrels right back at that beetch Reid.



If a candidate runs on a specific platform and wins it is very hard for Congress to ignore that platform


The 111th Congress actually fought Obama’s agenda. The democrats controlled both chambers and we didn’t get Cap&Trade, any anti-gun legislation, Kyoto ratified and Guantanamo stayed open. They had to sneak Obamacare through with tactics that Mitch McConnell is incapable of and Mitch is no friend of Cruz. I honestly don’t see any of your platform ending up on the president’s desk to sign. The best we can hope for is a decent budget defunding some programs and rebuilding the military, executive orders rescinded and onerous bureaucratic regulations scrapped. But hey, that’s not bad for a start.

Mitch McConnel goes nuclear to support Cruz agenda? That is an alternative universe!


they were all busy on Obamacare.


…which the GOP did fight with the tools at their disposal. All I am saying is that the democrats are not going to roll over and allow these proposals to get passed.


No, they didn’t. In the end, they caved and voted to fund it.

All I am saying is that the democrats are not going to roll over and allow these proposals to get passed.

True enough. What’s ironic is that Trump’s and Cruz’s proposals are near exactly alike.
All that’s left to consider from this point, is who anyone thinks is best suited for getting any headway on said proposals.


You could have learned from Trump’s speech like other Trump supporters but, obviously, you didn’t. The link below is the rest of the story on that thread.


Supporters like you could make Trump look bad.


What I said was that they fought its passage in the 111th Congress when they were in the minority. Once they got Senate control they caved to the “government shutdown” fear mongers. Good article on The Hill today on how McConnell plans to cave in for the rest of the year. McConnell wary of divisive 2016 fights | TheHill


I like the list. If Cruz wins, he should act as if he isn’t running for a second term. Throw all political considerations out the window.


Learned what, to change my tone to suit others? No thank you. Me and my tone like each other. No interlopers allowed.


I like the list too but realistically it is just a lot of happy talk. The next president **could **throw caution to the wind and veto everything until Congress gets onboard and possibly risk impeachment or maybe a landslide re-election. Quite a gamble. Maybe you should switch to Trump, he just might have the guts to actually do something like this.


Obama did not run on any of those specific promises, he was the “Hope and Change” Candidate and they were very careful not to let him appear as another typical Leftist Democrat; Obama showed his cards AFTER he won.

I am talking about what Reagan and Gingrich did, you list clear and specific proposals and you publish them everywhere and in all of your ads on TV and Radio; this means you have a clear mandate from the whole Nation in a Presidential election if you win.

McConnell could not survive as Majority Leader if he partnered with the Democrats to stop such a mandate, that is why it is important to be SPECIFIC in the campaign if you are serious about getting anything done.


If Cruz adopts your program, or something similar, and gets elected then we will all find out how deeply the Washington bipartisan get-along-to-go-along gravy train is entrenched.


If Cruz wins after adopting a strategy similar to my recommendation even the Democrats will be afraid to oppose him the first year, Reagan was utterly despised by both houses of Congress but those Liberals passed a massive tax cut and military buildup after witnessing the will of the people.

I truly believe that a landslide of similar proportions is possible with a list of clearly defined actions that are supported by a majority of Americans, the people may even demand that their Senators and Representatives sign onto the agenda themselves if they want to be elected in the same election.