A free gift--online robotic translator


How can a retired teacher resist the temptation to share what he learned recently? This time it is an automatic translation program “SysTraNet.” It helped me solve a problem–I speak French fluently but writing in that language usually produces embarrassing results. Let me share what I do and how I do it.

  1. The window of the application opens and I use the menu to choose a language (one of many, even Arabic, Japanese, and Russian). In my case I specify that translation must be from English to French. I start typing something in English. Then I click on the ”Translate” button. The French translation appears on my screen. I cut and paste that text into an e-mail message to be sent to a friend in France, or into a word processing document.

  2. That is all, except for one thing. Translations are often not perfect. I must make occasional corrections. Fortunately, I know enough to recognize errors in translation. Simple short sentences are usually translated with very few errors. The use of the application, residing at

SYSTRANet - Text Translate

is free; nothing has to be downloaded or installed.

  1. To begin the process I go to the above website, identify myself (userID and password), and wait till the window of the application opens on my screen, several seconds later. In other words, this application is designed to be used via a browser. The way in which information is displayed on my screen seems to depend on which browser I am using.

  2. In order to be able to use the application I had to register. That was simple. I went to the above address and typed the desired userID and password. I had no problem with this and my application started working at once, as described above. Try this browser-based application and you will probably also be as satisfied as I am.

Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)
I am not advertising SysTraNet; I have nothing to do with that company. Their product works very well when only simple sentences are used by people who communicate with each other.


I have found tons of translators online. I mostly use Google translate though.



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Do you realize the internet is not serious business, and when you do think that it is serious business it causes people to be banned? That anything can be considered sarcasm, even though they don’t tell you that it is?
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I think that translator is pretty cool.