A Gift Wasted?


Should Republicans fail to take the White House in November I, and I’m certain many others, will view the defeat as the biggest waste of an opportunity in the history of American presidential politics.

The nomination of Hillary Clinton is the greatest “gift” ever received by Republicans. By any available measure, Hillary is demonstrably tied at the hip to a failed presidency at home and abroad. Her recent and personal email debacle and the optics it provided during the Lynch/Comey Kabuki dance in the House chamber, while expected by many, was stunning to witness nonetheless.

Sadly, once again Republicans - Republican voters - reciprocated by nominating one of the only candidates available to them who could possibly struggle against the backdrop of Clinton/Obama scandals and world altering failures - IMHO.

This morning some battle-ground state polls came out that showed Trump’s numbers improving, while Clinton’s have fallen. In some of these states, Trump has even taken a slight lead.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

Given past and current events that have literally enveloped her, my freakin’ dog would be up on Clinton by 15+ points!!


MDMikeB I feel about the same as you do. I’ve said for years that Republicans couldn’t give ice water away in Death Valley while liberals were selling it for $100 per glass. It feels like the party is controlled by 4 or 6 old men about 120 years old who are clueless about getting the message across. If they could “sell” & “spin” like democrats there would be a landslide election.


The problem is not the Republicans inability to capitalize on their opponents shortcomings, the problem is that the Republicans embrace the same shortcomings as their opponents; the only time you see them fight like the Democrats is when they think a Conservative is gaining traction politically.

The Republicans would rather lose than risk damaging the credibility of Statism.


I don’t think they see the horrific calamity that will be the Reign of Billary - and in an era UNLIKE that of her man-child husband, who oversaw a dynamic economy and basically healthy fundamentals. We are in the opposite situation now - and in dire straits.

And Bubba is close to death. She’ll have to figure it out alone - just her and Rules for Radicals.

The PROBLEM is, the Statists entrenched inside the Party, are waging war with the liberal who’s commandeered the nomination with slanders and lies and circus acts. HE seems to think this is a popularity contest; that pronouncements are meaningless; that raw numbers lie in pandering to the Useful Idiots who think Bernie’s The One.

He doesn’t see that principles MATTER; and that his job is to SELL good ideas to win converts and enthusiasm! Who better to sell Free-Market Capitalism than a billionaire with the vocabulary of a dockworker? If someone as dumb as HE is, can make it…ANYONE can.

In a free society, with free markets. That’s actually a strong argument - and it would never occur to Donnie, who thinks he’s running for Student Council.


Justifiably angry as hell Republican voters gave us Trump as the candidate they chose to go up against Hillary Clinton. He shouted, name-called, mugged, played to the cameras and the audience and made himself available to any and all television “news” outlets - outlets whose audience were entertained by Trump’s presence and by the anticipation of “what outlandish and controversial statement would he make next?” Entertainment became the focal point, as record numbers tuned into the so-called debates and gathered at his rallies.

More serious, but less entertaining folks, such as Ted Cruz, who spoke to the issues using generally factual and well constructed arguments, were left in the dust by the “shiny object” known as Donald J. Trump who had entertaining names for his serious opponents - “Little Marco”, “Lying Ted” - names that substituted for and eliminated the chance of serious debate. The voters ate it up. They were entertained. They were also elated that Trump, even though he was demonstrably thin on knowledge and had obviously given little, if any, serious thought to the issues plaguing this country, was going to kick ass if given the opportunity.

The voters thus elected the bombastic, narcissistic, thin-skinned gaffe machine known as Trump to go up against a real political machine in the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. The results aren’t in yet, but even given the Clinton scandal on top of scandal highlighted by the email/national security debacle, the in-your-face corruption and in-your-face incompetence, Trump is, at best, running about even with his opponent for the White House.

Like I said, my freakin’ dog would be up by at least 15 points.

That we have suffered through 2 terms of Obama and now have a race between the likes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is testimony to the sheer, unmitigated idiocy - dare I say, malfeasance and incompetence - of this nation’s electorate. IMHO


All I know is:

Jesus is the lighthouse for America today,
Rebellion against him is really how we got this way,
You only get the power that God does will you to have,
We wouldn’t be in this ol’ mess if we’d followed His path.

If you think that the Establishment is truly on your side,
That when they see a donkey they won’t quit and run n’ hide,
That you’d rather have McCain or Mitt 'cuz they’d be bonafide,
Then please stay home, you’ve got your land in quite a lazy slide.


It seems to me you are ignoring the fact it was Republican primary voters who selected by way of the ballot box the likes of McCain and Romney to be their candidate for POTUS.


We have blown 1 freebie and that was '12, my guess is we will blow this one to.

Here is a sliver of insight: I know one of the insiders, they live here in S Texas and while I am no longer in good graces now, I was for several years. Frequently on Sunday morning we would get together fro breakfast and discuss the political scene leading up to the '12 election. We did this 2-3 times a month in addition to our almost weekly meetings on Thursday afternoons when often would go into the eve. We were also social friends and on their inner circle.

What I began to notice was that our thoughts on Obama and the Dims did not mesh and as we got closer to the election we began to grow further and further apart. The GOP strategy according to them is “the GOP must move further to the left in order to gain voters.” To which I replied “NO, you will lose voters as to go left and you will not gain any. You cannot out liberal the liberals and there is no more free stuff to give away.” When I brought up the weakness in our Black and Latin support and our FAILURE to capitalize on the MANY BLACK conservatives…the reply was we don’t Black conservatives we need to capture the Black moderate liberals who can influence the liberal Blacks. I said its no going to happen. I stated the GOP need to move right and become the beacon for conservative American values and when we do, we will regain our lost middle class voters Black, Latin and White…

Anyhow the final straw was my challenging them on their not taking a hard stand against Obama and his lawlessness and lack of following the Constitution. After that I found the Sunday breakfasts faded away, I stopped getting invited to insiders meetings and finally the social invites disappeared. We have not spoken in almost 3 years. Who knows maybe they have revised their views, but I don’t see it. My contact is still there, is a heavy and has the personal financial ability to run in those circles. There is no doubt in my mind they are a true liberal at heart as over those breakfasts I got a great insight into their thinking and views and by my standards and many of you on this forum, you would fully agree.


It is unfortunate the Republican primary voters rejected a constitutional conservative who himself was being held at arms length by party insiders/establishment in the Senate in favor of Donald Trump, a man who has given little thought to the issues, who often leans Left and who will need a running mate who will no doubt have to come behind him to explain away the verbal pile of crap the Donald will leave in his wake.

Like most of you, I was convinced Republican voters were eager, indeed demanding, for the opportunity to nominate an articulate, knowledgeable true constitutional conservative candidate. Obviously, that was a myth. When given that clear opportunity, Republican voters rejected it.

Clinton cannot run on the issues, so she must paint Trump as a temperamental, thin-skinned bully unfit and, therefore, unsafe to be president. Her task in the debates will be simple and quite possibly effective - goad him into getting so angry that he paints himself to be precisely that which she has painted him to be.

Because Clinton herself is such a pitifully piss-poor candidate, Trump has a chance to win.

IMHO - very disappointing race given what could have been. Wouldn’t it have been special to listen to Ted Cruz, a constitutionally/verbally adept lawyer, break Hillary down over the email/security/FBI/Departmentt of Justice scandal along with the Benghazi Committee findings? Trump is not skilled enough to coherently do this. The best Trump can do is call her “Crooked Hillary”. On the other hand, given our “Simple Simon” electorate, perhaps Trump’s message delivery is best. Who the hell knows?


I think Trump has a chance for the same reason Obama got elected the first time. Voters are TIRED of business as usual. Obama promised change & people flocked to him. He didn’t deliver & now Trump is promising change & there’s a good chance that people just might flock to him. Me? I realize that the only real difference between the parties is who gets paid off for helping them get elected with contracts, bribes & other pay offs. I feel that if your a politician & you get elected someone (actually lots of people & businesses) already have you in their pocket. Trump, Hillary, in that way are both the same. The only REAL difference between parties is the party goal. Republicans think that they can make more money in a capitalist society. Democrats are more into power & control & they think that they can get more of it in a socialist type society. Right now in the times we are living in I think socialism has the edge (to be honest). We’ve raised a generation largely made up of very stupid people who don’t understand that nothing is FREE. Basic economics can NOT be explained to someone that can’t balance a check book.


You are right and fear is that Trump is out of his element and he does talk about himself a bit too much. It looks like he will announce his VP tomorrow and by all it appears to be a white guy, which may or may not hurt…minorities are block voters, blacks vote for X about a 90%+ rate. They do so because they like most minority groups that have failed to assimilate are “tribal” in their social makeup.

Some years back I bought a Exxon Gas station dead in the heart of the black community. The station had a long list of owners none of them being successful, most either went bankrupt due to lack of business and or getting robbed. The station was owned by Exxon and I bought it for a song. I turned that 6 pump, 2 island, 2 bay station into a gold mine. I pumped more gas than any other Exxon station in the area. HOW?

Sat there for nearly a week and other than some folks stopping in and drinking some free soda on a hot summer day (grand opening in Jun) I barely sold any gas at all and did no ‘bay’ work at all. Then the second week a Black guy dropped in looking like a Pimp and driving a Pimpmobile. He wanted the car gassed up, oil changed, greased, washed and waxed, said it would pick it up about 5. Took me the better part of the day to do. At 5pm in swoops a big black caddy and he gets out of the back seat and says where is my bill? I present it and its quite large due to all the work. He looks at it and screams about the charges. He says he never ordered that and the only thing he would pay for was the gas. He finishes ranting and hands me a $100 bill. I go to the cash register and take out for the gas and give him his change. He counts it looks up at me and asks what time I open in the morning. I tell him 7am! He smiles and tells me to be open by 6 am and there would be a man down here at that time and I will hire him. He gets in his car and is gone and I am short a lot of money.

But I take him at his word on the 6 am. I arrive at about 20 till 6 and both islands have lines of cars going down the street. There sits a black guy at the door and he says Mr John said I am to pump gas down here.

Sales went crazy, had both bays full of oil changes and minor work all day everyday. Mr John was in regular and always got a free tank of gas, he always gave me a tip that covered it and MORE.

I had tapped into the “Tribal” leader of the Black community on that side of town. They did what he said and he also told me “you will never be robbed as long as you are here.” He also said if you have any problems or get robbed and its a black man (he did not use that term…N word) “DON’T call the police, they can’t do a damn thing, call me.”

I sold that gas station a short time later, I told the guy who bought it, when Mr John come by, better be nice! The station was closed 30 days later, no business…


You are right and fear is that Trump is out of his element
I wonder if that is a bad thing. Congress won’t cooperate with him? So is that really bad? I’d rather have a president that Congress hates than one like Hillary who pushes through stuff that I HATE. I’m all for Trump or for that matter anyone else that runs as a Republican. Hell I’d vote for Reagan again & he’s dead because I think a dead president would do less harm to the country than Hillary. I wonder what the heck the big wigs (the guys that really run the party) of the republican party are thinking when they don’t back a candidate that is even semi popular (& more popular with voters that anyone they put up) who “might” give them a chance of winning. Do they really think that another 4 years of democrat rule is somehow good for the country (if so they should switch parties) or that it somehow improves the chances of a republican getting elected at some time in the future?