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I am tired of the “classical liberal” nuance that is supposed to apply largely to the 60’s era Democrat Party activists, there was not a nickels worth of difference between them and the scumbags who wear their shoes today.

I am also tired of the Kennedy comparison being used to claim that Kennedy’s views were a reflection of the Democrat Party at the time; JFK was as foreign to Democrat Party ideals in his day as Reagan was to GOP ideals in his day or Trump is to Republican Party ideals in our age.

Presidential politics are such that this can happen in political parties but the Representatives that are chosen at the State and local levels are the personification of the party rank and file; that is where you look to define a political party.

The good verse evil is a juvenile scale, every human save one is evil and therefore evil exists in every human institution; the difference is whether those institutions aspire to minimize the reality of evil or to celebrate it.

Nancy Pelosi is certainly an extremist liberal from San Francisco, but she is the Speaker of the House and 3rd in line to the Presidency because the elected democrats from all over the United States chose her to represent and lead their Party.

Democrats from all over the United States chose a racist communist as their nominee for President and elected him TWICE (Obama)

McCarthy, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama, Clinton part 2 and Biden are the list that the Democrat Party has chosen to represent their national collective ideology since the Kennedy nomination in 1960; using JFK as the proof that they have not been extremist Leftists for the last 50 years at least is just ridiculous.

Need more proof? Check out the list of their CHOSEN Senate minority or majority leaders during the same time, then look at their House Speakers or minority leader choices during the same time.

The idea that there is some appreciable amount of “good liberals” in the Democrat Party or that the ideology that we see on display today is recent and/or shocking to Democrats is laughable.

Those “in the middle” or as I call them “uninformed idiots” are the only ones “shocked” by what the Democrat Party is revealing about themselves in a very public way today, but it is only the fighting spirit of Trump that has forced these liberals to show their hand; that will cost democrats this election but if the GOP returns to its former cowardice after Trumps 2nd term those “middle” voters will once again support whatever Propaganda message is the loudest.

All men are evil, some men repent of their evil and some men defend their evil; the Liberals who now claim that their Party has left them in recent times are simply people who refuse to repent for the evil they have long celebrated. They don’t need and won’t profit from being encouraged in their lie that is designed to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.


Excellent post

That is an excellent and well presented essay @RET423, but I do have a different take as when the Democrats really became what they are today. I will also say that I would welcome every “liberal vote” that we can get because we desperately need them. To win this election, we going to have to win it decisively. If it’s close, the Democrats and their hack judges in the courts will steal it.

I could go back to 1896 when the Democrats made their big left hand turn with William Jennings Bryan and to FDR’s New Deal, but let’s keep it pithy, go to the most immediate source, the presidential administration of Lyndon Bains Johnson.

Johnson wanted to portray himself as the second coming of FDR. To that end, he launched his “War on Poverty,” which was a disaster. His policies broke up Black families and made Blacks more dependent on the government. His rhetoric planted the seeds that they were victims and were “entitled” to more. Instead of concentrating on education reforms, which would have been positive, he relied on handouts and ineffective programs. The results were more Black births out of wedlock, broken families and more crime.

The only good thing that came out of his social programs was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Blacks should have been allowed to eat in all restaurants, stay all hotels and travel around the country without harassment. Jim Crow was wrong, and the Republicans joined with the northern Democrats to end that.
The system went awry when the liberal courts decided that it had to be enforced by a never ending system of quotas based up race and ultimately gender. Reverse discrimination is wrong, and caused more ill will between the races.

Johnson’s biggest failing and the factor that is making our life hell today is the Vietnam War. That war threw a lot of normal young people of my generation into the clutches of the Communists. They went to the rallies, they heard the crap, and enough of them bought into it to make inroads.

Unfortunately, the most radical of those students stayed in college to get their PhD’s and stayed around to become professors. Most of the rest of us went into the private sector to build careers.

The radical professors created more of their kind with each generation until now it has grown into the cancer we see on our college campuses. These kids have had socialism pumped into them for so long that it is now accepted as THE moral principle. We grew up admiring the founding fathers; they have grown up admiring the radical left.

You can’t reason with these kids, and the movement was worked it way into every facet of our lives. It controls almost all of the news media. It has replaced the churches as sources of moral teachings and principles, and it has taken over the doctrine of many churches. It controls the entertainment industry, and now it even has a firm foothold in the sports industry.

How do you change hearts and minds when the cancer as spread so far? I wish I had the answer, but if some liberals are going to turn from the present version of the Democratic Party because of its shift to hard Communism and now anti-Semitism, I am ready to welcome them.

If we are going to win this fight it’s going to take more than the registered Republicans and the old Tea Party Movement. It’s going to take an aggressive “street fighter” like Don Trump and coalition of people who want to save the country.


@RET423: You say that the Democrats have been ‘extremists leftists’ for the ‘last fifty years’ and that JFK was not repreentative of the Democratic Party. Since the ‘last fifty years’ only goes back to 1970, don’t you mean the ‘last 60 years’, or even 70 years … or maybe even the last 85 years, taking us back to the mid-30s? (I ust read an interesting essay which I’ll try to find and link to, about how everything really changed in 1936.) So … when do you think the Democratic Party, its base, its local and state and Congressional representatives, become an extremist leftist (ie. communist) party? Obvously not on a certain date, but over what period of years?

This debate is important because, if you are right, then I believe we are doomed. We have no chance to split the Democratic base, to pull the middle towards us. Demographics will ensure that Trump is the last Republican President. So all that is left is the ‘Benefictine Option’. And the problem is that this prophecy can be self-fulfilling.

But if it’s true, it’s true. If half or more of the American population are, and have been for many decades, effectively pro-communist, then we must try to defend liberty in a different way than by contending for political power. So it’s an important question: were the Democrats ever a patriotic party, just left-leaning, and if so, when they they morph into crypto-communists?

The Democrats made the very public, very overt move to the left with George McGovern in 1972. All the elements were there. State delegation after delegation proudly announced that their quotes for race and gender were perfectly in compliance with the party rules. McGovern proposed to give $1,000 to every citizen every year. His political buttons featured him as Robin Hood, re-distributing income and wealth.

After that they nominated Carter as “the outsider” in the wake of the Watergate scandal. That nomination was followed by Mondale, Dukakis, Bill Clinton (masking as a moderate), Al Gore (environmental radical), John Kerry, Obama, Hillary and now Biden. Usually the Democrats have nominated candidates with the most far left voting record in Congress. This year, Harris, the real presidential candidate, has the most liberal voting record in Congress. This has been their pattern for years.

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Yes, that’s when most of my Texas relatives switched from being Democrats to being Republicans.
However, my parents didn’t switch. But … I can promise you that, although they were very definitely ‘liberals’ – my mother even belonged to ‘People for the American Way’ – they were NOT ‘leftist extremists’ or ‘pro-communists’. Nor were most of the peope who voted Jimmy Carter into power. (Carter was and is naive, but not an extremist. He’s a dupe of extremists.) Nor do I think Bill Clinton was or is. The Clintons are personally ambitious, and have made a kind of tacit Faustian bargain with the growing Far Leftists within the Democratic Party … they don’t drive them out, but hope to prevent their candidates – like Bernie – from getting real power, while using their energy to fight the Right. A kind of reverse of how German conservatives hoped to use Hitler.

Here’s where I think you should think again: there are contradictions and tensions within any mass party, including the Republicans., and certainly including the Democrats. There are even boiling hatreds among the various far-left groups that make up the AntiFa mobs. (Or we ought to be trying to bring them to boiling point.)

If we just content ourselves with seeing our enemies as one extremist Far Left Satanic mass, we won’t be alert to possibilities to do them damage via various tactics that can induce divisions in their ranks.

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The problem is Trump’s flamboyant image makes it harder for moderate Democrats to cross over, at least publicly. That’s shah winning this election is going to be so hard.

As for the Clintons, they are moderate Democrats. In fact Bill was the best Democrat President since Kennedy, but their dishonest, money grabbing ways have made them totally unacceptable. That is especially true for Hillary, who has no ethics at all. I would compare her to Lady MacBeth. She was the needle that pushed Bill to higher office and greater financial attainments by whatever means necessary.