A good riddle I heard the other day

I liked this one, lets see if you folks do too.

In a library, a book worm finds it’s self in volume one of a three volume set on page one. Each volume has 300 pages. Each book is 3" thick, 2 1/2" for the pages and 1/4" for each cover. If the worm eats it way from page one of the first volume and ends up at page 300 of volume three, how far has it traveled?

Those of you that have heard it, please don’t ruin it for the others.

How many introductory pages, and do they include the flyleaves?

7.5 inches

8.5 inches

I started figuring this out the hard way (which would be necessary if you are taking flyleaves & intro pages, etc. into account. But other than that, I agree with Brett’s answer.


Flyleaves, intro, are not pages. Makes no difference, anyway, as it has no bearing on the thickness of the books.
How deep into book #1 was he, you might ask? Seeing as books #2 & #3 are 2 1/2 in. thick in pages, I would assume that book #1 is, also.

I messed up doing the math in my head.

If the worm goes from page one in the first book to page 300 in the last book, he would go through all but the intro/front flyleaf of the first book, and the back flyleaf of the last book.

All incorrect so far. No intro pages, just 300 pages total. All books are exactly the same.

He goes 3 1/2 inches - 1/4" through the front cover of Book 1, 1/4" through the back cover of Book 2; 2 1/2" through the pages of book 2; 1/4" through the front cover of Book 2, and 1/4" through the back cover of book 3.

To go 8 1/2 inches, he would have to start at page 300 in book 1, and end at page 1 in book 3.

EDIT: Wait. No.

900 pages. Plus a few book covers.
Doesn’t say which direction the worm went. Nor does it give the h & w of the volumes.

As a hint, I had to look at a book shelf to get it.

3 1/2 INCHES!!!
Great riddle!


The books are facing the other way!

So front cover of the first book = .25"
Back cover of last book = .25"
Whole of middle book = 3"

So 3.5 inches.

:yes: Very good!

Beat ya! :tongue:

Augh, I’m a disgrace! XD

I beat both of you, and nobody even noticed! I even gave a detailed account at how to arrive at it.