A lesson from the Japanese


This picture should be placed on every door going into an abortion mill. I guess the Japanese realize that what is growing in the woman’s womb is not a turnip or a “potential” person.

Amazing: Japanese firm offers parents 3D model of fetus


PP and their ilk don’t fight laws requiring ultrasounds prior to an abortion solely because the machines are expensive - the machines are not cheap, nor is a person trained to use one, but they are also very useful diagnostic tools. Their greater fear, IMO, is that many women, on seeing thier baby, will decline to have an abortion. An example of what more advanced ultrasound machines can discern:

Ultrasound pictures show fetus yawning at 24 weeks****

Ultrasound scans of faces in utero can distinguish between when a fetus yawns and when it just opens its mouth, according to research published November 28 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Nadja Reissland from the University of Durham and colleagues at other institutions.

The researchers found that during the period between 24 to 36 weeks of gestation, they could distinguish between yawns and simple mouth openings on ultrasound images of fetal faces. They report that simple mouth openings occur less often than yawns and the frequency of these openings declines from 24 weeks of gestation onward.


I was thinking it was in Texas that there was something about a law that the sound of the heartbeat had to be made audible to the mother prior to an abortion, and someone donated a bunch of MP3 players and headphones to give to the women so that the sound of their own baby’s heartbeat would be drowned out, and at least one and perhaps a lot more Planned Parenthood offices took them up on it. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who says that Planned Parenthood isn’t deceitful is naive at best, and a bald-faced liar at worst.


Anyone who thinks that PP’s interest is for the health and welfare of women is deceived. All one has to do is read the life of it’s founder, Margaret Sanger. She was a rabid racist, anti-semite, and supporter of eugenics, euthanasia, AND the nazi idea of aryan purity. She also believed that those with disabilities of any kind should be killed off. THAT is what PP is all about. They no more care about the women that come in their doors than they care about the man in the moon. PP is an evil organization that lures vulnerable and emotionally distraught women into their lairs of horror. If they truly were interested in women making a proper and informed choice they would not take measures to impede women from seeing the reality of what they are about to do. Why? Because these agents of the devil know perfectly well what abortion is–and they are desperately trying to convince women otherwise. They are all frauds and liars.