A letter I wrote to my dear departing Senator


Thought you folks might like this.

Dear Mr. Voinovich;
I call you Mister because your days of misrepresenting us are almost over. Please go out with at least a bit of style and act like you are supposed to be a Republican. As a parting gift for Ohio why not try to not increase our debt and further saddle future generations with more that can not be paid. Might I suggest retiring in Pennsylvania, you and Mr. Spector have much in common and could start a club or something.


You wrote him a good riddance letter? How touching!


Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Don’t send him here! Send him to LA or San Fran!!!


Lovely. I can’t wait to send one to my departing lowlife senators.


Mine is committing to vote lock step with Harry on the last few screwings they are trying to sneak through, that’s why I did it.


I would love to write farewell letters to my California politicians but our voters keep sending them back.

Maybe I will write letters of encouragement to other States Representatives and beg them to stop bailing us out with Federal Money.

Plan B to save California;
Force the State to go bankrupt and dissolve.


Since my Representatives are all democrats all I can expect from them is a request for money.


No, RET’s still holding out hope for poor CA. =/ I volunteer my state. There’s enough room in Yucca Mountain for him, Specor, anyone you like, and they’ll be happy because it’s only a short ways away from Vegas. :yes:


No he isn’t…


He has a “Plan B to save California”.


I must not be remembering it…


sigh Look at his only post in this thread.


I coulda had a V-8… :banghead:


Our senators, the bums, in a late nite surprise on sunday nite passed S510. Food Safety Bill. You will not be able to grow some food, nor share with family,. friends, neighbors nor sell it. Welcome to King John’s england.


RET, FC’s not paying attention to you… :biggrin:


He may have sensed that I was enjoying watching Sarah Palin clamming on her show, that was insensitive of me.