A Letter to the Local Paper castigating Donald Trump for his attitude toward Muslims


I’m not posting the entire letter, just paraphrasing snippets of it.
This person claims that Trump’s proposal to prohibit all Muslims from entering America, and the house bill blocking Syrian refugees, “cause people to suffer for their religious opinions, foster fear and radiate hostility to those in desperate need.” She goes on to say that IS (I suppose that is what we refer to as ISIS or ISIL) “promulgates the theory that the West is at war with Islam” and we are giving "credence to the IS narrative and aid their recruitment."
Referring to Trumps words, the house bill, and “an electorate that encourages or remains silent about such undemocratic behavior only contribute to the narrative IS spins about US hatred of Islam. Such hateful rhetoric by our politicians and citizens compromises our values, damages our international relationships, and promotes more violence.”

She suggests that if we act the way she seems to think we should, we would be able to win the “battle . . . for lasting peace.”


So Islamo-Fascists around the world openly declare war on the U.S… But Muslims worldwide are not aware of this and won’t be unless the U.S. decides to stop Muslim immigration until a reliable screening process can be established, in which case these Muslims will then blame the U.S. for the war.

It is hard to decipher who should be more offended at this idiocy, those Americans with common sense who know we must fix our immigration mess or Muslims around the world for being considered so stupid by this woman as to have no idea that Extremists from their own faith are burning down the world.


Peace in our time…


There will be no peace in our time until post-Armageddon.