A Liberal Evangelical Resigns From AARP


A Liberal Evangelical Resigns From AARP
By Mark Tooley

2.22.13 @ 6:07AM

Unlike many figures of the Evangelical and Religious Left, Ron Sider of Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) has sustained an integrity that many conservatives have grudgingly admired. Unlike many of his activist cohorts, he has not prevaricated on Christian teachings about sex, marriage, or abortion. And unlike many of his fellow religionists on the left, Sider has maintained a rigorous concern for the global persecution of Christians when others prefer silence over criticism of Islamist or communist regimes.

Now Sider, as he nears retirement from 40 years as ESA founder and head, has again distinguished himself by dissenting from the Religious Left on the untouchable sacredness of the federal welfare and entitlement state. Sider has very publicly resigned from the Association of Retired People (AARP) to protest its refusal to compromise on entitlement reform.

If Ron Sider isn’t exactly a household name - possibly not even among Libs/Progs - he has a fairly high profile in some Evangelical circles. In this move and the things he’s saying, he’s not turned against the idea of fufilling Jesus commands to love and aid the poor using government social programs. How the folks claiming theological conservatives are theocrats at heart don’t see this theocratic mindset in their own ranks can only be willful blindness. What could be more theocracy-minded than using government tax collection and enforcement powers to extract $$ from believers and unbelievers alike to impose one’s particular religious teaching? Anyway, Sider has simply realized that the cow (taxpayers) can be - and is being - over-milked and killed thereby.


I was almost with the guy until:

He also complains that AARP opposes any reduction in Social Security payments for wealthier seniors.

Gee, how selfish of people to expect to get at least some back of what they were forced to pay in! Oh, those dirty rots!

I did get a bit of a chuckle, though, out of the irony from what is described as Leftist Churches having so many lobbyists in D.C. LOL

But that’s okay. My own sister insists that you must join AARP in order to receive Medicare.
Seeing as she’s so much more knowledgable and wiser than I, I let her be right!