A little feedback


I received a lovely email from my Senator Sherrod Brown. The tool that left his mother’s wake early to vote for the Stimulus. He’s asking what my top three economic concerns are.


My thoughts are to type in the “Other” box.

1: Your refusal to enact a Balanced Budget Amendment
2: The Health care bill surviving the Supreme Court.
3: You and Obama being re-elected

And for the “How would you like to hear from me”
In a farewell address

Any better ideas on how to respond? If you would like to answer yourself I’ll forward it to you too.


If you do go with it, just make sure you spell “amendment” right or you’re going to look silly. =)


So just another day, at least I’m consistant. And thank you BTW, forgot to spell check.


Looks good, I do this all the time but I often wonder if they even read the “Other” sections or if they just have a computer read each return and record what boxes were checked most.


“How would you like to hear from me?”

A suicide note.

Too harsh? Naaahhhh


You could be right unfortunately. I’ve only ever used SPSS statistical software for market research and only a couple of times. ‘Other’ in those instances was a data set of its own because what we were looking for was trends. If ‘other’ had been overwhelmingly the majority perhaps it would have received some attention but no…

Think volume. If the volume of responses is expected to be too high to read one by one, it’s going to go through statistical software. If it’s in the hundreds of responses, ‘other’ may have some point to it.

Otherwise I’m afraid to say this is a classic ‘make them feel we’re listening’ tactic of no real consequence (the ability to write in the ‘other’ box I mean, obviously the form is market research).


Yeah I suspected as much.
The GOP sends these “Questionnaires” to me all the time with a bunch of loaded questions that any Conservative would check yes to. These same “Questionnaires” never have a box I can check that says “I want the GOP to stop listening to RINO’s” or “I want the GOP to stop funding the campaigns of RINO’s against real Conservatives”.

I write that stuff in and mail it back with no contribution but I suspected they just tossed it in the round file :banghead:


Loaded questions? That’s is so far from best practice that it points to one more thing you should perhaps put in your communications; “I want the GOP to stop wasting money on ineffective market research and start spending it on campaigns that reflect its supporters desires” lol.

Bias is virtually impossible to stamp out in research but if they don’t even try there was no point!


Yeah I include that sentiment as well.
Judging from how they have hit the ground running after the election I have a feeling I was not the only Party member who has communicated this message to them!

We will see how long the “New Leaf” they turned over will last, I have also told them since their recent actions “good start but you guys are on a short leash with me, better keep it up if you me back solid in your wheelhouse”.



On edit (as long as we’re streamlining spelling, punctuation, etc.): Where you said “Health care,” you might want to make the capitalization consistant; “Health Care” or “health care.”

, other than the fact that I just trash mine, because I have no faith in them being responsive. They know that there are a lot of us concerned with the innundation of RINOs, and they don’t give an option to address RINO vs conservative issues.


AAAANDDD who actually reads these things?? Can you say " Smokescreen"? some people will truly believe that these liberal congressmen/women care about their opinions.
I’ve still got this bridge to sell


There was an RO member who insisted we send emails to the GOP in 2008 suggesting they help only “Conservative” candidates. I was less than enthused, but did send emails but got only contribution requests in the mail as a response. :zombie:

EDIT: When Specter was my senator, I would get “canned” responses totally unrelated to my inquiry…what a Douchebag.


[quote=“Bucks, post:12, topic:29063”]
There was an RO member who insisted we send emails to the GOP in 2008 suggesting they help only “Conservative” candidates. I was less than enthused, but did send emails but got only contribution requests in the mail as a response.

[/quote]Been there- done that


This guy’s system is fun to mess with. You send him an e-mail with health care as the topic, you get one form letter. Blaming Bush. Send him one of debt and you get another. Blaming Bush. Ect… If you send one and mention a bunch of topics you get one that basically says we’re trying and, it’s Bush’s fault. I have no expectations of anything coming of this from this Lefty tool. I’m just trying to have a bit of fun with the man.

From the Repub’s. I’ll have to get on Portman’s site and sign up there.


yep (said like in King of the Hill) sure like them lazy politicians


Yii ding gangdat domb stup grgrgrg politician dangder bmp sa keeem letters tooom slvs aan shvv emm arccses I say.

“Hea , hea. You sure said it Boomhauer, yes sir hea, hea”


talkin’ bout dang ol’ politics man, dang ol’ liars man


Oh crud. Does this mean I have to actually OPEN the e-mail I recently received from Sen. Pryor? He drips Liberalism so bad I fear my computer will get a virus.
But, fwiw, (as most probably know), the only way to get a Rep to read what you have to say is to write a hand-written letter addressed to him/her, personally.


Yeah I always send my letters to politicians via snail mail for that very reason.


Well, I’ll be hog-tied. Ya know that e-mail from Pryor I spoke of? It might just be a good thing. Help me find the flaw, 'cuz he’s a liberal, and I just don’t trust them folk. Here goes:

In a February 2nd article titled “Pryor debuts bill to spur business investment,” Stephens News Media discussed how the legislation could create jobs and grow small businesses in Arkansas:

"Could a proposed new tax break help create the next J.B. Hunt Transport Inc.?

"U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark., introduced legislation today to encourage early-stage venture capitalists to invest in small companies that have potential for significant economic growth and job creation.

"So-called ‘angel investors’ provide entrepreneurs with capital that cannot be met by traditional bank loans, often helping businesses overcome the ‘valley of death’ — the stage between start-up and profitability, Pryor said.

"His American Opportunity Act would provide a 25-percent federal income-tax credit for investments in qualified small businesses, including companies in the advanced manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, clean energy and transportation sectors.

"Under the measure, qualified small businesses could receive up to $2 million per year in tax credit-eligible cash equity investment, of which no more than $1 million could come from a single investor.

"The funding would stimulate an estimated $2 billion per year of new capital formation, according to the senator.

"Pryor cited concerns about declining angel investments due to the recession. He said tax incentives would lead to new growth and industries. In 2009, angel investments led to the creation of 250,000 new jobs, or about 5 percent of the new jobs created in the United States.

"‘American ingenuity will bring us out of our economic slump and help our nation regain a global competitive edge,’ Pryor said in a release. ‘My legislation fosters this growth by ensuring entrepreneurs have the capital and opportunity to succeed.’

"Pryor noted that J.B. Hunt received $25,000 from five poultry companies in 1961 to start a rice hull hauling business. Today, the $5 billion trucking company based in Lowell employs more than 14,000 workers.

“Last week, the Northwest Arkansas Council’s strategic plan cited a major need for start-up money to launch the next economic boon for the region.”

Now, while I realize that almost any good idea ought to be able to stand on its own, (which doesn’t neccessarily mean w/out a little help from a private invester), a tax BREAK for investors, might just be a good idea.
No, the “greenie” comments didn’t go by me. But what troubles me more is the part I emboldened.
What’s wrong with this idea.