A little RO trivia

If you had to guess the number one search term that brings people to this site, what would you say it is.

*hint, it’s a person on TV

Katie Curic??:howler:

Kidding. Cool question though Im curious.

Nancy Pelosi?

No wait

Al Gore?

let me think

Keith Olbermann?


Jack Bauer.

Ronald Reagan? G.W. Bush?

If I was on page 1 of google for either of those terms, I would be rich.

Here’s another hint, she’s a little known news babe.

Laura Thornquist??

I googled “RO news anchor”.:embarrese

No, she’s not that unknown. She works for a major cable news channel. I’ll post the answer tomorrow if nobody gets it.

Paula Zahn? (spelling)

Juliet Huddy

Rudi Bakhtiar

Now there’s a news babe. However, I’m partial to Persian women.

I’m going to take a wild guess, here. How about Rosie O’Donnell. RO = Rosie O? I hope not.

Ann Coulter? Laura Ingraham?

None of the last 3 mentioned are little known.

Okay give up?

Jane Skinner??

I give up after this.

Erin Burnett From CNBC

This little old blog post about her sends in over 1000 visitors a month alone.

I’m number 9 on Google for her name.

Ummmm She’s pretty!! :smile: