A Memory of Light


The final book in the Wheel of Time series. I started reading this series 20 years ago. The final book is due out next Feb.

Audio version of Chapter 2.

Chapter 11

Chapter 1

Harriet Jordan. The wife of the Original Author Robert Jordan (deceased)


Just received my copy today! The daughter pre-ordered it for my birthday last month. Can’t wait to start it!


Any predictions?


From the way Sanderson carried through with Jordan’s vision in the last book, I think it will be great!


I have being reading these for over a decade now. I remember talking to my Organic Chemistry professor about the books and he confessed that he hoped Jordan did not die before he could finish them. About four years later he did which was tragic.

I can’t wait for this one though Sanders brought in new life to the books that had begin to be drawn out and disappointing.


150 pages in and not at all disappointed at all! Forgot the silly thing at work or I’d be reading rather than typing.


I am on Chapter 18. So far it is a spectacular read.

The Epilogue was written by Robert Jordan.

The feeling I am getting while reading this book is strange. I am excited and sad at the same time. I have known these characters for almost 20 years so it feels strange knowing this is the last book. I almost feels like after this book I’ll never see these friends again.


Just finished. It was a wonderful ending to a great series! It seemed to me all hanging plot lines were tied up nicely, even some I had forgotten about in the last twenty years.


Just finished the book. The ending for me was just ok. Overall I give the book 6/10. It kept my interest but felt rushed at the end where other places seemed drawn out. There was a little too much actual battle in the “Last Battle”.