A message from a colleague


A message from a colleague:

If you allow me to carry my cynicism a bit further, I would describe the Paris agreement about climate change as a fig leaf. It allows everyone to continue doing what they want while being A message from a colleague: to say they tried to stop the seas from rising. They can say to the people being drowned, “we did our best, so stop complaining”. Meanwhile, fossil fuels will be phased out only as fast as is convenient and economically beneficial, as would have been the case without the agreement. Meanwhile, everyone can be happy for a little longer.

Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)


I understand there is no provision of enforcing anything and this is a paper tiger meant to fund governments and agencies at the expense of people.

Meanwhile a bunch of “important people” came together burning through fossil fuels to tell others how to act as they dine and carouse with each other singing platitudes to the scam they pulled over on the world.


Does anyone here know of a single piece of land that has been inundated by seawater where that inundation has NOT been caused by either a Tsunami or severe storm or just the tide? Does anyone here know of a single piece of land that has PERMANENTLY been subject to such inundation, for that matter?


I am still waiting for the island to tip over. Where is that 30 foot of water?


I dont know what yall are talking about. I love Global Warming/Cooling/Climate Change. It’s 67 degrees in December here. I might go off and burn some tires later. Might leave my car running as well(gas is cheap enough).


Do not forget about carbon build up in the car.

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One thing these AGW morons will NEVER acknowledge is that ALL of the world’s oceans are INTERCONNECTED. Since it’s a matter of scientific FACT that “water seeks its own level,” if ONE location experiences a rise, then ALL locations experience the same rise. If NYC is “inundated” then SO will Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Lima, Pusan, Yokohama and Sydney.


PapaD, you know that liberals (especially the "CO2 nuts) operate sans ANY logic!!!:freaked::freaked:


It’s not what actions they can or will enforce it’s the taxes to be levied on every nation.
It is amazing no matter how detailed one gets in explaining how bogus Climate Change is these idiots dig their heels in further in an attempt to promote their one World order.


It is the same kind of agreement we made with Iran on nukes. No one signed anything and no enforcement is possible. The only difference is in January, Iran gets $150 billion and continues their missile testing and nuclear weapons development unabated. See, it’s kind of like our non-existent “thorough screening” of visa recipients and the 100,000 Syrians Obama has quietly allowed into the country since 2012.

Now do you get it?


As the bodies laying on the 2nd floor of the San Bernardino County building were still “busy” attaining room temperature and the shell casings were still being collected, Obama was “busy” in Europe addressing our number 1 pressing issue - climate change.

You see, when this scrub has no clue what the hell to do he meets with other clueless leaders to solve a problem that does not exist with solutions that cannot work with change expected nearly a century from now in hopes he can’t be shown to be wrong.

We freely elected this ass-clown twice and we deserve him. He’s ours and it’s time the voters of this nation took ownership of the results of this punk’s handiwork with respect to pissing away our effort to stabilize Iraq by completely withdrawing, becoming a spectator to the “Arab Spring”/rise of ISIS and not understanding Russia’s intentions.

The only thing more ignorant than electing Obama to a second term in 2012 after bearing witness to his first term, is to claim the voters had no real choice in 2012.


The problem is that fossils fuels are NOT being "phased out as fast as is convenient and economically beneficial."
Far from it! They’re being phased out as we speak - long before it’s convenient, as no other alternative will be taking its place, and it’s definitely not economically beneficial.

[quote]as would have been the case without the agreement. Meanwhile, everyone can be happy for a little longer.
I’m not happy.