A Nation Divided


The headline this morning put out by Reuters News Service is indicative of the slanted point of view most often expressed by those who charade as journalists:

Headline - “Trump Speech Divides Americans”.

WRONG!! Americans were already divided - divided between those who love the country while acknowledging our history, the good and the bad, and those who loathe the country, what she stands for and who find little redeeming about her.

If you find little redeeming about America and are unwilling to acknowledge history, the progress on many fronts we have made, the contributions to the world we have made and the freedoms we enjoy, often preserved by the men and women of our military, then you no doubt stand opposed to the content of Trump’s non-partisan speech and the tribute paid to our nation’s founding history and our men and women in uniform on a day set aside every year to pay tribute to our founding.

That our nation is so utterly divided is a testament to the effectiveness of our indoctrination centers - education (schools and universities) and most media, including our emerging tech giants, such as Google. I’m not talking about simple policy disagreements. I’m talking about the foundational divide that has erupted in America - a large segment of America caught up in self-flagellation to the point of self/nation-hatred. An America that has born witness to many in America devaluing free speech, a foundational principle, to the point that in many instances simply identifying as a conservative on our college campuses or in public is often viewed by many as a licensed to kick the Shiite out of you - while in our major cities, police stand down.

If Reuters wanted to point out what divides America, it’s time and effort would have been more appropriately spent on the current effort underway to destroy the historical significance of Betsy Ross and the original flag she created - an effort born out of ignorance by one who loathes America and the foundational symbol of our nation.


The Left is getting more shrill and violent every day but that is because they know they are losing; the attempts by the police to turn a blind eye to their violence and property destruction will not help the Left as it will only motivate the Right to take the matter of defending their own Rights into their own hands.

The Left is begging for a fight that they cannot win, they will get that fight at some point; Conservatives are slow to “get it” but they eventually do get it.


My gut reaction too. Unfortunately the MSM will cast it as racist, white supremacist, neo-nazis attacking peaceful protestors exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

We need local law enforcement to do their job and their leftist mayors to be held accountable. The FBI could arrest any masked violent thugs under existing federal statute designed to counter the KKK.

Politically, I see 2020 as being a 1968 redux. The democrat national convention is in a difficult to control urban area (downtown Milwaukee). If Biden survives and is the potential nominee the radical left will go bat$#!+ crazy.