This house we have taken has a glass enclosed porch on the back. My sister who hoards about everything has a 12’ long set of growing shelves with growlights and lots of orchids and African violets plus a couple of other things. --In a nutshell I now have them [actually 9’ of them], she wound up with no place to put them. So my glass enclosed porch Is now a greenhouse. I also brought In my potted herbs Including oregano, ginger, basil, Chives and french tarragon. So now I am studying about orchids of all types and how to kill them slowly. BY the way that tarragon is REALLY strong, the porch aroma is great.

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Orchids are parasitical. Beautiful, but like most parasites, eventually kills its host.

yeah, they reside in crumbled bark, so far Cattalyas, Cymbidiums, and another one I can’t remember the name of. they were left derelict so I am performing CPR [as it were] one desert Rose which dearly needed water.and some Christmas Cacti, one floor Schefflera, and a Norfolk Island Pine [ about 7’] and an Indian Rubber plant that desperately needs air rooting. [8’]
[ and so to bed just talking about it made me tired]

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I love African Violets, but I’ve killed every one I ever had. I love Jade plants and just about any other kind of succulent. Burrow (donkey?) tails are also one of my favorites. I actually had a Christmas cacti in Florida which bloomed. Very beautiful.

African Violets require very little care, good indirect light, allow to dry slightly, between waterings and just leave them alone. they should do well.

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Right. Except I have the uncanny ability to kill even weeds. I don’t know what I did or didn’t do, but every African Violet I ever had died. I was told to never water them from the top, only from the bottom, but no matter what I did, they all died. The only plants I could ever grow were philodendrums and succulents.

I have some very nice African violets. They are relatively easy to propagate to - just break of a leaf and put the stem in water until it roots. I have one that doesn’t seem to want to root, though. I have pale pink Christmas cacti, bright red ones, and I just bought a lavender one this year.
Word of caution: if you get your plants in the grocery store, or even in Walmart, they may be badly overwatered. I lost an African violet from having been overwatered before I got it, but I had taken a couple of leaf cuttings from it, and they survived. The Christmas cactus I just got (at Walmart) was over watered, too, so I let it dry out quite a bit. Christmas cacti can endure a lot of drying out, too.

Just remember CT, every house plant one has was someone else’s weed in a foreign country.

Errrr…NJC…is that supposed to make me feel better?? :slapper:

he he, just say’n. That is what most house plants are. especially orchids which are parasitic.

Sounds like a fun project, NJC. Yes, plants can be ‘work’, but of the most rewarding variety! (Sometimes! lol)

FWIW, my M-in-L gave me some clippings from her Christmas Cactus years and years ago. It never fails to bloom on her birthday. (Nov.13.) Touching to us, anyway.
She moved a few years ago, and somehow lost her Christmas Cactus in the process.
So, last time she visited, she got some clippings from the one she gave me.
'Tis growing nicely.

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What is fun is bringing badly mistreated plants back to their natural form and beauty. Thank you 2ct.

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I bought an African violet for my daughter once, and she nearly killed it. She had been watering it - not just from the top - but she had been pouring water over the top of it. I counciled her on how to take care of it, brought it back to health, returned it to her, and she had it for a long time. It was white, and the last place she lived in in Ohio has very intense iron in it - the “white” violet turned pink. Also, I bought a white one with pink “smudges” on the petals. It eventually turned all pink. We have pretty high iron in our water, too. I once gave my mother a bunch of African violets - a close friend of my mother-in-law had given me a bunch of leaves to start plants - and when I went to visit her, she had a beautiful one that was white fringed with purple. I asked her where she got it; she said it was one of the ones I gave her. I didn’t have any like that! I don’t know what all plants are sensitive to the water they grow in like that, but African violets definitely are.

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Do you have glaucoma? You could justify growing a different kind of “herb.” LOL!

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also make rope,CL?

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You can take where you want.:whistle::wink:

For Christmas I got a boxwood Bonsai tree. I am familiar with bonsai trees but not a boxwood. I am told it should stay in the clime it grows in which means outside and not where one can enjoy it in inclement weather. Need more research.

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Excellent idea! Never give up an enthusiastic participation in life, is what I say. We gotta stay mentally alive … interested in life and what it offers … even the Bird Man Of Alcatraz figured that out and built bird cages out of sticks and raised birds to keep himself engaged with life so he would not go stark raving crazy while he was locked up in prison …

:cool: I think you ought to get two bowls of goldfish to go with those plants and herbs … you can handle (say) two three gallon bowls with about 6 goldfish in each bowl … you can grow some water plants in them also … if you don’t like goldfish go for guppies … or other tropical fish …

Add some aloe plants … the juice of aloe immediately heals most minor burns … actually even some of the rather severe burns (say) the size of a silver dollar as when you might burn your arm on the hot stove while pan frying a steak …

The thing about aloe is they grow fast and they are a very hardy plant … almost indestructible … and you don’t need to water them but just a little every now and then … they multiply like rabbits … one small bowl will soon become many bowls [you have to break up the root system and plant them in bigger bowls and also additional bowls … they make nice gifts too … my wife raises aloe plants and gives them away to friends/family].


Aloe Plant

I think this would look really cool sitting beside your plants on your porch and your herbs and orchids.

The info under the pic below said it was tarragon, if it is, tarragon is an attractive plant.


Beautiful plants, Jack…but I’d manage to kill every one of them in a month. Maybe the aloe vera would survive, but not the others.

Have had Aloe Vera plants for years. They say they are excellent for burns. Haven’t had to test that theory, but they do have a very pretty bloom about once a year.