A new conspiracy?

Did you ever think that with Obama standing on the steps cheer leading the racial bias of killer cops, he is really setting in place a new misdirection from the Immigration , and now the “Chokehold” from the DOJ where they are forcing major banks to drop any business that does not meet with their progressive guidelines? With all of the corruption now being placed on the backpage of the media, and Obama -Holder &co fomenting unrest in major cities, things will happen in the background.---------wait and see. As the chaos builds, by the fall of ‘16 Wait and see if Obama ‘seeing’ the chaos in full blown glory, a chaos of his own making, he finds is absolutely necessary to "TRY’ to declare martial law and stall any elections. ( I say try because the military may rise up and put a stop to his charade)
Just a thought.

Again, are you certain you don’t mean Operation Chokepoint? As that’s about banks.

You have not been paying attention!

The king has purged the military of anyone who would disagree with him!

GORDON: Purging America’s military

GORDON: Purging America’s military - Washington Times

If he cancelled or postponed the election it wouldn’t just be the military deciding which way to point their guns.