A New Strategy


On June 7th 2016 my State of Kalifornia (Spelling it with a “K” seems somehow more Leftist and appropriate to me for some reason) held its Primary election, a meaningless event as usual but I showed up and cast my vote; not because I think it will matter in any way but out of respect for those who gave their…

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The success of the BREXIT effort has given much hope that the topic of this Blog might just have a chance!


I wholeheartedly agree with you.


I share your frustration with always losing in elections, always voting for the loser.

But I sense your explanation as you tell us you tell your kids, is inadaquate.

Some things are RIGHT. That is, correct. It’s less important to be in the majority than it is to make note of your preferences and your objection to how the majority popular will is aiming.

To not vote, or to vote with the majority to be with the Kewel Kids, is to shuck your responsibility.

It is the responsibility of a good citizen to be informed and make rational choices based on the best available evidence, in public referendums.

That others neglect that responsibility is a terrible thing and bodes ill for the future. That does NOT mean it is not worth the responsible citizen’s doing.

One can do what little he can to help others meet their responsibility. Discuss; teach when appropriate; help others obtain information; try to sell one’s own informed viewpoint.

That the Know-Nothings overrule the informed voices does not mean the informed voices are wasting their time. It’s a frightening thing but it is important to take a stand for what is Right - and to show others they are not alone; to take a measure of how your community is trending; and to make plans should it be moving in ways that are not acceptable.


Let’s all try to remember WHO it is that controls the schools, “entertainment” industry, media and bureaucracies. WE’VE allowed this to happen without much serious objection.


The colleges and universities that train the teachers ultimately control the schools. That’s why today’s kids are indoctrinated. The textbooks reinforce this misinformation.

This really got started during the Vietnam era when opposition to the war allowed radical Marxist style thinking to become main stream. The Vietnam War was the biggest bargain the Russians, the Chi Coms and the left ever got.

I know this is an unpopular view among conservative people, but think about. Was the domino theory accurate? Did the world change because the North Vietnamism won? Short answer, no.

We have paid a heavy price for that war in more ways than are immediately obvious.


The Domino Theory was working extremely well for the Communists until Reagan decided to fight to win.


…and the HEAVIEST price we’ve paid has been an attitude that we have no NEED to fight a war to win since the earth didn’t open up when we lost Vietnam–at least not for US, though the Vietnamese might argue with that attitude. Millions executed and millions “re-educated” and millions more fled their country, some to die in leaky boats or of starvation.


True. Laos was leaning towards communism and Cambodia WAS run by communists and they were gaining a foothold in the “golden triangle” regions of Thailand.


Not to mention the unopposed efforts of the Soviet Union to spread Communism that left us with nothing but the MAD policy as our hope for survival, Reagan terrified the Left because they were CERTAIN that the Soviets were the superior force and Reagans “cowboy talk” was going to provoke them into destroying us.

Vietnam was an important cog in the wheel that rolled over us and destroyed our optimism about who and what we really are and represent to a world yearning to be free.


It got started long before that. I saw evidence of it when I was in college in the late 50’s.


Frankly, where was all this when children went back to school under the Clinton regime?


Global elitists.