A New Washing Machine


In anticipation of needing a new washing machine in the not-too-distant future, I have made a wish-list of what I want in a washing machine. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’ll consider them. I may have missed some that I have already thought of. Also, if you know of some undesirable features in some of the newer models that I don’t address, feel free to mention them!

My washing machine is about 22 years old, and I will probably have to replace it in the not-too-distant future. I would like to address all the companies that make washing machines with this information. I am pretty sure I am not alone in this.

  1. It must be a top loader with agitator. And a normal agitator – not one that moves in one direction only, making jerky stops, but one that moves back and forth.
    Contrary to popular advertising, a front-loader does not get clothes cleaner than an agitator machine. The advertisng says that in the front loader the water goes through the clothes, instead of the clothes going through the water, implying that water doesn’t go through the clothes with an agitator. Only ignorant people would ever buy that batch of hogwash. The water not only goes through the clothes with an agitator, but goes through them with force, thus being far more effective than the front-loader, where the water just dribbles through the clothes.

  2. This is not an absolute must, but I would prefer a side-hinged lid, making the controls accessible while the lid is open.

  3. Safety features – the only reasonable time that the lid should be locked is during the spin cycles. Don’t treat your customers as if they have no brains. “Risk-free” is impossible and the whole concept is stupid.
    My sister has a new washer that, if she wants to open the lid, she has to do some kind of reset, and wait for a while before the lid will unlock so that she can open it. If I remember right, she also has to do some kind of reset to restart it. Has it never occurred to anyone that people occasionally want to add something else to a load?

    It is essential to be able to have the lid open when the water is running in, in order to correctly introduce additives – including detergent – to the water while it is filling.

  4. Two speed.

  5. Graduated water level. This is another reason to allow the water to be running with the lid open; you may not be sure of the level of water you want until the water level is close to it.

  6. Hot-Warm-Cold wash temps; Warm-Cold rinse temps. Would be nice (but not necessary) to have separate controls for wash and rinse.

  7. Cycle settings – Regular wash and Permanent Press cycles are OK, but I would be satisfied with just the Regular wash cycle.

  8. Pre-rinse spray, and longer rinse cycle (at least 5 minutes agitating).
    I have a great deal of trouble getting detergent out of my laundry, and I use as little detergent as I can get away with. A good spray rinse (preferably with two sprays) during the spin from the wash cycle should make a great deal of difference here.

  9. A liquid dispenser (for detergent, water conditioner, etc.)
    My current washer has one of these – it was designed for liquid bleach, but I never use liquid bleach, but nearly all the additives I use in the wash come in liquids. I introduce plenty of hot water in after each addition, to guard against clogging. If it were designed to be used for all these items – including dissolved powders – it would have features that would make clogging less likely.


Well you make it tough to say the least and I am not sure you will not have to compromise especially on the lid functions.

If you want one with an agitator and you want one in White then make sure its NAACP/Jesse Jackson approved: White with a Black agitator.

Wife just got one and we thru a good 6 weeks of research and viewing before we bought. Here DEMANDS are much like yours. My wife is an engineer and like me does a lot of research before she plunks down $ and in this case $ is NOT an issue, her happiness is and if She is unhappy, no one is happy.

She ended up buying a Samsung Powerfoam VRT with matching dryer. The dryer requires a water hook up for the steam function which she loves. Samsung has the largest tube in polished stainless steel. Lid on top which is glass (see thru). She is into about 9 mo now and absolutely loves it, its out performs any she has ever owned.

And YES she looked at EVERYTHING. One of the things we did at every store we went too was ask the sales folks if they were buying one which one, cost not a factor. In 100% fo the stores the answer was the same, Samsung. Based upon quality, most had one, warranty record and quality of the machine.

Samsung is NOT the most expensive and if you are lucky like we were you will steal it…We got ours at Lowe’s. It was on sale + rebate + an additional 10% off. We drove away out the door for about $1200, YES for BOTH, delivered, setup and the old hauled away.

I can take pics or answer questions…
This one: 4.8 cu. ft. King-Size Capacity Front Load Washer (Stainless Platinum) WA484DSHASU | Samsung Home Appliances



I forgot to mention the fabric softener dispenser. The one I have on my current machine wouldn’t work with spray rinse, since it is the spinning that throws it out. Dunno how one would get around that.

As for the color - my current one is Almond with a turquoise agitator. Will that do?


I checked out your link - it sure has a lot of excess features that I would never use. 13 different wash cycles? I have two, and only use one. 5 spin speeds? That might be OK. When I was in a dormitory at Penn State, we had, in addition to the regular washers and dryers, a centrifuge which we didn’t have to pay for. It was locked to a max of 2 minutes; if you were ironing, you took the stuff directly from the centrifuge to the ironing board. For the stuff that still went into the dryer, it didn’t cost as much to dry it as otherwise. What are the 8 “options” it mentions? How does it wash? I don’t see an agitator. It says “front load”, but the pic looks like a top load.


When I saw the title of the thread, the first thing I thought of was “someone’s looking for a new wife?”


You are right, its truly top of the line in Samsung. But for $1200 bucks out the door with the matching dryer, could not walk away from it.

I asked the wife about the features and she does use far more of them than she thought she ever would, she loves this thing. While there are only 2 of us to wash for, we 4 dogs that make a contribution, we are remodeling the house from the studs out, lots of plumbing work, I am out on the ranch working and filthy clothes are the norm for us.

The guy at Lowe’s told us later they were overstocked on those due to taking a shipment from another store that just was not carrying the high end models on the floor. They needed to move them IIRC is was a one day that store only sale. One other thing that sold my wife was tub size and at 4.8 cu ft its as big as they come, in fact bigger.

Point being Samsung it high quality stuff, this includes TVs, they are aggressive in the market and going after the big boys and winning. I am sure you can down line, get less features and save bucks. I would stay with the polished SS tub, you will be glad you did.


Well, the next time I get my repair man here, I’ll ask him about it. I’ve had him a couple of times for the dryer, once for the washer when it quit agitating (but when he got here, it worked just fine), and once for the fridge - the thermostat went out after just 6 years. Called him once when the oven refused to light (or stay lit), but before he came (it was after a weekend), Mike, without thinking, turned on the oven on a Sunday, and “forgot” that it didn’t work - and the oven also “forgot” that it didn’t work, so we were able to cancel the call before he came out. He’s a good guy, and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

Edit: And he’s 20 miles away, since I live 'way out in the boonies.