A one minute edit window?

I just wrote a fairly long post with my phone (a prescription for typos I know) and by the time I proofread it and spotted some easily fixed errors I was treated to a popup that said “Sorry but the Administrator has decided to only allow editing for one minute, that time has expired”.

If the goal is to make us sound illiterate or make posts that are so grueling to read that people give up then this is a great policy!

But I doubt that is the goal…

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Same thing happened to me!:smack::banghead:

You’re right, that’s not the goal!

The transfer of this site requires a lot of moving parts, and with the migration to the new forum software at the same time there was a need to reduce the amount of “change” to content on this site to help reduce lost or corrupted data during the transfer.

Some temporary only changes:

  • no new user signups
  • edit windows very short to prevent posts that might’ve been synced/transferred already from being edited
  • various user group assignments and backend changes that shouldn’t be noticeable
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Thanks Jon for making the transfer go smoother. Looks like we’re all up and running.

@ret423 the one minute edit window has been lifted, you’re now able take extra time to sound as literate as you want :wink:

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Thanks for explaining that, is the main blog gone for good?

For some reason, I didn’t see the most recent posts - my failure, not the forum SW. So I just edited, successfully something I posted 3 hours ago.

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@RET423 not gone for good, still in transfer - it may take another week before getting it setup properly. Main goal right now is to support the forum (still running backups and data transformation processes - it’s a very involved process in the geeklab right now)

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