A partial explanation about why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is what she is


Having lived and worked in Manhattan for a short time, I can easily see why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) holds the views that she does about automobiles and her “Green New Deal.” Car ownership in Manhattan is discouraged by high insurance rates, ownership fees, parking costs and traffic. As a New Yorker, you can go weeks or months at a time and never touch an automobile, except perhaps a taxi. You can ride the bus or subway to get to work or any other activity.

Her views are totally insular. She has no idea about how the rest the country moves around, works or plays. It’s just her little world as a barmaid in a metropolitan bistro.

Now she has a new “little world.” She is now living in the most insular city in the United States, Washington, DC.The only reality that concerns politicians is re-election. She has moved into a luxury apartment house in Washington where she can enjoy “whole foods” and easy living. No living like a tenement dweller for her! This goes along with her $3,000 designer pants suits and ego-tripping lifestyle.

In other words, she is the typical “radical chic” socialist. She almost totally divorced from the reality of how others earn a living. She can pontificate about any subject with, so far, no repercussions. She has told us that “she is the boss.”

I reject her leadership, and I’m hoping that most Americans will wake up and do the same.


Very good post, Sendgop. I would simply add one aspect to your explanation, and that is - she has been allowed and even encouraged to develop, expand and espouse her world views from the protective cocoon provided her by media that refuses to ask her tough, pointed questions that in any way challenges her commentary or the assumptions upon which said commentary is based.

In a very real sense, her popularity is a media creation. Unfortunately, In this day and age it seems the content of ones commentary is often far less important than the flamboyance and passion with which it is delivered.

Charismatic - to many she is. A critical thinker, she is not. Supported by media and left largely unchallenged by members of her own party, members fearful of getting steamrolled by someone offering their own constituents even more free stuff than they are, she has become a formidable force in the Democrat Party.


Bad publicity is better than no publicity. She is, in fact, an ignorant nobody propelled into a national figure by her ridiculous behavior. While our mainstream media has a overwhelming leftist bias I believe their excessive coverage of her is for it’s entertainment value not it’s ideological content.

There appears to be a breaking corruption scandal involving misuse of campaign funds. I’ve never heard of this source before put if it pans out and is not fake news I predict Nancy and mainstream democrats to bring out the long knives and cut loose this millstone hanging around their necks.



Whose far more savy than the legacy Democrats she serves with. She isn’t answerable to the Blue Church that has dominated established Democrat consensus.

She represents in many ways the future more Children of Blue will become.


I don’t think most Americans are asleep to her nonsense in the first place, and I think that’s the reason Mitch McConnell put the Green New Deal up for a vote; it’s so ludicrous that even the left has to vote it down lest they be punted from office for terminal cranial rectumitis by voters who- although they voted Dem- aren’t so far gone as to buy that diaper-load.


I don’t know. Some members of the younger generation and maybe some of the older people are leaving “that a girl!” … excuse me “woman” post-it notes all over her Capital Hill office nameplate. Someone is buying into her manure.


Not widespread, I suspect. In an urban area, she can find enough fruitcakes and the naive to vote for her. But like a lot of House members in crackpot districts, they wouldn’t have much chance on the national stage (which is why Pelosi hasn’t gone anywhere or even tried; she’s elitist enough that she would if she thought she could).


Oh I love this:

Tim Pool is a pretty left-wing guy, he used to be a Bernie supporter. For him to be saying this is recognition that a moderate-left may be forming as a backlash.

Still, AOC sounds much like the left version of Trumpishness to me. Incoherent to the rest of us may still sound consistent to her base.


Her election is proof positive that a large number of Democrat voters vote ONLY based on what some candidate promises to give them for “free.” If Republicans had the reputation of give-aways from the federal treasury, these same voters would be avid GOP supporters.


She’s going to be our next president after Trump is re-elected. Everyone here can sense it, but cognitive dissonance is preventing acceptance.

When was the last time you were this obsessed about a Democrat? Obama. Who easily crushed both of his Republican opponents.

Who did the Democrats obsess over? Trump. Non-stop hysteria, because they see themselves losing a mile away. Neoconservatives also flipped out and joined in because Trump is gauche and doesn’t tow the line.

Who’s obsessed with AOC? Neoliberals hate her, the Right mocks her. She doesn’t care about the D.C. power structure and speaks directly to her base without apologizes. While the political class and fact checkers despise her, she’s wildly popular with her constituents because they feel like they finally have someone representing their interests.

Sound familiar? It should.


She’s a moron. If she is even RE-ELECTED to her current position, I’ll be very surprised. She may be “wildly popular” among her supporters, but she’s certainly not among the Democrat hierarchy and THEY’LL take her out. COUNT on it! They did it to Sanders and they’ll do it to her, too.


The corrupt RNC couldn’t stop the Trump train, and the corrupt DNC cannot stop the AOCommies.


The AOC hardcore is nowhere the size of the Trump hardcore. They make a lot of noise and the media fawns over them. You are viewing them through a magnifying glass. Wake me when AOC draws 10k to a speech or rally, with another 5k left outside; I’ll take her seriously then.

The burned Berniebots tripled the Green Party votes in 2016 from 2012 … to a whopping 1%.

AOC was born by the media and will die by the media whenever they get the order from the DNC. Donald Trump was grassroots and not made by the media … it’s why the media can’t kill him.

The reason AOC seems to control the democrat agenda is that the tiny far left loons have figured out how to weaponize social media.

PS Poll of democrats for presidential preference shows Biden and Michelle Obama tied at 25% a piece with the remainder split among the left wing loons. Michelle has the advantage that Barack can get back the 2008/2012 Black turnout.



Sorry, but :rofl:. I sense nothing of the sort. AOC is like Pelosi; she’s a darling in her own district, but most of the rest of the country (including both Dems and swing voters) are saying: “You’ve got to be kidding.”


AOC will never lose in her congressional district. She can have that seat for life if she wants it. The only way she could lose it is if someone else does to her what she did to the congressman who had it previously – knock her out in the primaries. Since she comes from a district of loons, that date back to Vito Marcantonio, going to the left of her will be a challenge.

Bill O’Reilly claims that she really wants a reality TV show. I don’t know about that. TV ratings are fickle things, and she would not be going for a boutique left-wing loon audience like Steven Colbert on the Late Show. She could find herself on the street without a platform.

No, she’s a great left-wing rabble rouser who makes the brain-dead millennials happy. She’s like the late Jerry Rubin before he settled down. Except, in her case, she’s going to be a puppy all of her life. She doesn’t have the brain power to be anything else.


Sorry CWolf, it doesn’t.

What I heard was a bunch of muddled gibberish from a college graduate. She knows nothing about the history and economic development of this country, despite the fact that she has a degree in economics. She talks as if the United States was socialist country in the past and that Trump as taken us to capitalism which is “bad.” She talks about “working people” and yet advocates “working if you feel like it” without mentioning that it would be the working people who have to support them in their indolence. SHE represents the Democrat Party that has abandoned the working class.

No, she is an airhead of the first order. Logic does not matter to her. She is like Trump in that she can’t hold her tongue, but what’s on the tongue is mostly disjointed, poorly informed and illogical. Trump, on the other hand, has a vision and plan about how to get there.


out of 15,000 plus a few more total cast, she won by 3500 and her opponent didn’t even try.