a particulary pesky PUP

every day my malwarebytes reports and quarantines the same Potentially Unwanted Program. It’s PUP.Optional.AskA located at C:\Users\patsy\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences. next day its back again. any thots?


I don’t know about your particular situation, but I will offer what I have experienced with
purchased $ software computer protection products. My point can be summed up with this
sentence: If they do NOT make you feel like they are doing something regularly to protect
your computer, then they know you will conclude they are not worth the $59.99 [or more]
that you pay yearly for their services.

Am I suggesting that they therefore perform bogus “removal” exercises on your computer? Yes! … lol …

(That’s what I believe based upon my years of
experience with major brands of computer
protection software. I will not name them
because I just accused them of blatant
dishonesty in order to keep on making
a buck $$.) :cool:

I get announcements like you get all the time, not the PUP thingy, but still announcements
that my computer has been saved thanks to them. “We just cleared 20 dangerous deadly
monkey viruses off your precious expensive computer therefore we are your most valuable
number one protector” … lol … okay, they didn’t say it just like that, but that’s clearly what
they wanted me to believe.

There was never a time when I have not gotten messages like that.

A Human Interest Item:

My solution [and I could be wrong about this] for serious virus infections is to throw
the PC in the garbage can and buy a new one. I have NEVER seen one "disinfected"
so that it was restored to it’s former glory. You can spend way over half what a new
PC costs and a large number of hours [time is precious] and end up with a "fixed"
computer that still does not operate the way you want it to. My point is that at the
price range of the computers I use, they have become a disposable item like (say)
a radio. Its much cheaper to throw a malfunctioning radio in the garbage and go
buy a new one, than it is to have it repaired. I’d venture to say that you can buy
2 new radios for the price of repairing 1 malfunctioning one. The same is true for
many TV’s.

Qualifier: My solution is only for me with my limited knowledge of computers
coupled with the fact that I have no interest in spending the time to learn about them.
My interest is 100% in using them to write sentences. Period.

RET and BobJam would most likely NOT take my solution. I KNOW RET would not,
he’d clean the computer up fast, I expect, because he knows about stuff like that.
BobJam to, me thinks. But in my case, I have to take the computer in to the “experts"
and I have found the “experts” to be “major dumb” and NOT able to do more than
"try” to de-bug the computer.

[Btw, I also get much of the other stuff you mentioned over there in the
Computer Bugs Forum. I was going to post over there and tell you about it,
but I something came up and it slipped my mind.]

I buy a computer, put a major virus protection program on it, and run
it hard until it dies, then I bury it unceremoniously and go buy
new one.

I see where Best Buy has a new HP - Pavilion Slimline Desktop - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive for $279.99

HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop 4GB Memory 500GB Hard Drive 400-214 - Best Buy

Around here the “experts” will charge you $85.00 just to “look at it” and more to “fix it” … lol …

… no thanks!

But that’s just me.

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

In malwarebytes PUP’s are "Potentially Unwanted" not necessarily dangerous. (although some particularly nasty stuff like Conduit gets a pass as a PUP.)

Do/did you have Ask.com toolbar installed? I see you’re using chrome, and since it already has a google search out the box, I can’t imagine you needing it. Seems like the sort of thing that particular PUP is. If it keeps coming back you may just look for the program from “ask” and uninstall it.

Regardless, PUP’s are the sort of adware that isn’t going to kill you, but probably get you more ads/popups. I’d keep clean of that sort of thing.

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