A Pastor’s Wife Breaks Free of Beth Moore: A Testimony


A Pastor’s Wife Breaks Free of Beth Moore: A Testimony – Pulpit & Pen

It’s good more and more people are realizing Beth Moore is a false teacher and are breaking away from her.


RW, help me out on this: Beth Moore???


Yes, sir, Beth Moore is a prominent author and speaker who started in the Southern Baptist circuit and her books are sold in Lifeway, a “Christian bookstore” which is operated by the Southern Baptist Convention. She has branched out into other circuits such as the Trinity Broadcasting Network and has become popular among charismatics as well. Her books are geared toward women and many of them are for women’s Bible studies. Unfortunately, much of her teaching and her claims are contradictory to Scripture, yet, she is accepted as a solid Biblical teacher as many are duped. She is in fact not teaching sound doctrine and her theology is inherently dangerous. If you read through the article and watch the videos in the article this is demonstrated and explained as the contradictions between her teaching and the Bible are shown.


Could you post some examples?


There are many throughout the article with links and videos. I understand the videos may not play on your server, but they are in imbedded, so they may work. Also, the links are to other resources.

Here are some more.

Beth Moore – Pulpit & Pen


It’s not my server; it’s my dial-up. Videos are out.