A question for JBG



In 2012 American Jews living in America voted: Romney 30% Obama 70%

In 2012 American Jews living in Israel voted: Romney 85% Obama 15%

Of course we won’t know for sure but the 2016 results will likely be similar. A 55% swing is almost more than UGE. What would your explanation be?

PS I could have sent you a PM but I think that many people here would be interested in your insight.


Do you mean difference between the vote between American Jews living here as opposed to those in Israel?

If so here’s my educated guess. In Israel, its first loss in a war will be its last so political decisions are existential ones. I’ll answer for America with the preface that I am a Reform Jew who thoroughly disagree with how most Reform Jews vote.

American Jews are largely Reform Jews. They love to show how bighearted and “open-minded” they are, to the point where they have no regard for their own obvious interests. They even vote contrary to their personal behavior. Most American Jews value education and family quite highly. Their work ethic is excellent. And yet they vote for the “underdog” meaning the “underclass.” They don’t understand that hte underclass doesn’t return the favor. In short, Jews’ behavior and interests align far more with Republicans, leaving Donald Trump aside. And yet they are guilt-stricken at their success, and seek to cast “enlightened” votes.

I hope this explanation helps. If anyone has questions ask them here, by PM or PM me for my cell number. I agree it’s a conundrum. Suffice to say that except for Trump I usually vote Republican though I am a registered and extremely liberal Democrat.


So are most of American Jews living in Israel Orthodox or Conservative rather than Reform?


Probably yes. Israel gives an inordinate amount of power to the official Rabbinate, which is Orthodox. Many of the people are in practice secular but religious affairs are ruled somewhat tyrannically. No Muslim-style atrocities, mind you, but pretty bad.


The Jewish people should dislike Obama. He has treated Israel like dirt.

It probably comes from his community organizer roots. There is a lot of hostility from Black leaders like Jesse Jackson who has not had kind things to say about Jewish people in the past. With all of the support that Jewish people have given to the civil rights movement, I don’t understand that attitude.

There also Jewish resentment toward Republicans because of the discrimination they experienced with respect to private clubs and the like. Check out the film, “Gentlemen’s Agreement.”


That is a strong historical reason for the Jews’ lack of trust in the GOP or Republicans. It is a tough legacy to overcome. Add to it the role of the Democrats with immigrants in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They were at the docks getting Jews jobs, English training and apartments. And not incidentally getting them added to the voter roles. The Jews have a strong historical DNA of appreciation for being integrated into the fabric of U.S. life in that matter.

I personally despise Obama and consider him to be at best a “one world” utopian and at worst an anti-Semite. Then again I am one of the few Jews that are both extremely liberal Democrats and don’t believe in AGW.