A Question Regarding DOJ and Slow-Walking Documents


Congressional oversight committees have been requesting/subpoenaing documents from the DOJ concerning FISA related materials for the better part of a year.

What documentation they have received has been slow-walked and so heavily redacted most have been useless. In short, Rosenstein, the real AG and the man responsible for signing off on the FISA requests - largely based on the Steele phony bologna dossier - has successfully spearheaded a campaign of significant non-compliance.

Question: The POTUS has the authority to order the Justice Department to release all requested documents to the congressional oversight committees today.

Why hasn’t Trump done so??


This question, after more than 6 hours since posting, has yet to prompt an answer; not one.

Don’t feel bad, I can’t come up with a logical answer either.


The answer I have heard from conservative commentators is that Trump is afraid that allowing the release of these documents will result in more trouble for him with the Muller probe.

I think that this situation sucks. If the president and the Congress can’t monitor the activities of the FBI and the Justice Department, who can? We are headed for a police state where federal law enforcement agencies will soon control election results. That what the Dems want, and if someone with a backbone does not step up, that’s what we will get.


Possible, but unlikely.


If there were anything there, Rosenstein would have ALREADY tipped off and given it (UNredacted) to Mueller.

Rosenstein will do whatever he can to torpedo Trump.


So, Mike, what is my answer?

There must be something in there that makes Trump uncomfortable. Something that Trump is prepared to answer, but something that he is OK with being stalled.

What is it?

I have absolutely no idea.


I agree with you, Bob - if something were in the documents harmful to Trump it is likely it would have been leaked by now.

Your guess is as good as mine what’s going on. Perhaps Trump doesn’t order the release of the documents because he thinks the lack of cooperation by the Justice Dept paints him as a victim of a corrupt enterprise by “the swamp” and is helpful in swaying public opinion in his favor… If so, he could be right. .


I agree. Rosenstein is as corrupt as rest of the Justice Department and FBI who have been doing all they can to interfere and bring down the Trump administration. Resenstein should be fired, but it’s not going to happen. Unfortunately Resenstein has enough power to be the de facto attorney general because Sessions is so weak and spineless.