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We hear about all of the killings and crime in the ‘inner cities’ and automatically know, or think we know that the race of the perpetrators are blacks!?

My question: Are there any ‘inner cities’ composed of mainly white people?

If there are, why don’t we hear about the rampant killings and crimes there?

If there aren’t any (majority white inner cities) … Why Not?

Is it the number of fatherless families?

Has anyone ever looked into just how many fatherless white families there are?

(It’s late (er early) and I have nothing better to do than ask dumb questions!):coffee_spray:


I’m certain there’s a bureaucrat deep in the bowels of some government agency that’s either compiled or invented that “data” in case some politician needs it to justify his spending proposals.


Has anyone ever looked into just how many fatherless white families there are?
Very good questions!!! People tend to think that welfare is a black problem but actually there are more poor whites on wf than blacks. I “assume” (but have no idea) that wf is just as devastating to those white families as they are to the black families. I live in an area with a lot of Latinos & I’ve seen that they have adapted to “using” the system, as I’m sure many have. I don’t think that it’s a black, white, or latino problem, it’s a national problem. I think that if we used the money that we spend to keep the systems going as a incentive for businesses to flourish (tax breaks, or whatever) both the people & the country would be better off.


Yes there are white ghettoes often found in an enclave close to where the blacks are in addition there are enclaves of Mexicans. My guess is those on the down and out have a tendency to flock together as birds of a feather.

Approx wellfare breakdown:

40% white
26% black
10% hispanic
2% native American
the rest is races unknown

Source Dept of Agri

Backstory: Libs love to tout this % saying there is more whites. Well that is true, BUT as a % of their race the blacks hold the prize for the most on welfare as they are only 12% of the population.

You can find the poor in just about every city, but you need to be able to know it when you see it. Most are familiar with the blight areas of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago etc, got to Texas and many other states and you will a different ghetto. I got to know a young black who worked in our building in Dallas. He was likable and his story was interesting. I asked him one day what brought him to Dallas. He said quality of life. He was from the tenements of S Chicago, from a poor family, but he had an Aunt who lived in Dallas who was also poor. He was amazed in the difference, his Aunt had a home, a yard, a car and in Chicago they only had a few rooms in a building, no car, no yard and nothing but rough streets. Dallas poor black area is safe compared to Chicago. I moved out of state and never saw that young man again, but would bet he took that sales job he had and made something of himself.

So there is differences in inner cities and that may result in less crime, less murder than cramming thousands of people into vertical cities like the UN wants to do in UN Agenda 21.