A real gas’: Activists plan to eat beans and hold ‘fart-in’ for Clinton’s speech at D


‘A real gas’: Activists plan to eat beans and hold ‘fart-in’ for Clinton’s speech at Democratic Convention | National Post

A real gas’: Activists plan to eat beans and hold ‘fart-in’ for Clinton’s speech at Democratic Convention
A group of political activists are planning to raise a stink about Hillary Clinton’s Democratic nomination — by eating can after can of beans.

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, an anti-poverty group, will be holding a bean supper on July 28 — the third day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia — for what it says are hundreds of expected participants, including Bernie Sanders delegates. Stuffed with beans, the delegates will head to the convention at the Wells Fargo Center and when Clinton takes the stage for a speech, they’ll let her know exactly what they think of her by passing gas.

“Because we think (Clinton) stinks, we’re going to hold a fart-in,” Cheri Honkala, the event’s organizer, said. “We’re expecting this thing to be a real gas.”

How odd is this? Also, could this be considered assault? :coffee_spray:


Also, could this be considered assault?
By a liberal? Of course they would consider it an assault. And if there are any black people present then it would be a racially motivated assault.


This was an Alinsky tactic.


Just low-rent hominids making themselves physically repulsive. An eight-year-old would think it’s funny. Anyone more mature, not so much.

Are they packing any emergency clothing? There’s an old saying, beware lumpy farts. Also…most of these Dem political types are fat; and many are older and black. Many of them are taking Glucophage for the diabetes that comes of a lifetime of toting around 200 pounds of extra blubber.

Glucophage creates colon problems. Spastic and sometimes loose.

So we’re gonna have an organization allegedly representing “poor people” going in there and soiling their clothes in public. And of course there won’t be any gender-specific restrooms.

This is America’s future.


Sorry, but that won’t work, the putrid gas coming out of Billary’s mouth stinks worse than any bowl of digested beans…


Cutting through the Bull Sh*t - so to speak - I think in order to preserve the level of dignity befitting the Democrat convention, and to give people a whiff of their future under Hillary, I think it most appropriate to move the convention venue to the large stockyard located on I-40 outside of Amarillo.

The DNC could just throw a tent over that sucker and herd their followers inside for an evening of political BS like no other. Trust me when I tell you, no one inside the convention - I mean no one - would notice the presence of widespread bean flatulence among protestors in attendance. Hell, if anything the Democrats would likely view such flatulence as a welcome relief - a comparative breath of fresh air - so to speak.