A Republican Since 1984

I am retired and live in Florida. I was a Democrat in my youth and switched starting in 1980 when I voted for Reagan. I have been a registered Republican since 1984 and have voted for every Republican presidential since Reagan.

I collect political campaign items from George Washington to the current campaign. (There is very little to collect between Washington and Andrew Jackson’s 1824 campaign.) I have a strong interest in Abraham Lincoln political items and the 1896 and 1900 McKinley - Bryan campaigns. But I have several items at least from every campaign from 1824 to 2012. I’ve not bought anything yet for 2016.

I have also made an extensive study of American history. I have published articles in the hobby publications like “The Political Bandwagon,” “The Keynoter” and the now defunked “Political Collector.” If you want to know an answer to an American history question, I either know it or have a good idea where to find it.

I am a fiscal conservative with some libertarian leanings. I think that the Federal Governemnt is bloated and that the national debt is going to destroy us. I favor gay marriage and believe that married couples should have the right to an abortion if they so choose in the early part of pregnacy. I believe in free markets and free trade. I can’t agree with the Libertarian idea that you have to wait until the barbarians are at the gate before you can defend your country. I also don’t think that it’s a great idea to let everyone take the drugs of their choice, which seems to be a libertarian idea.

I am a reluctant Trump supporter. I will vote for him because he is not Hillary Clinton. If I am allowed to express my views here, I will explain why I feel that way.

I worked extensively for Mitt Romney 2012 and knocked on doors in the Florida heat to help him get elected. I also worked the phones. I might work in the Florida Senate race this year.

I guess I’ve said enough to please some people and anger others. That’s who I am. I’ve too old to let “the get along to come along” demands to dominate my views. I favor smaller government with fewer laws and regulations. I know that you must compromise to hold a political party together, but I do have principles that I will not break.


Welcome to RO. You’re bound to get some blow-back for your stances on gay “marriage” and abortion, however.

Welcome aboard. Hope to see some of your “extensive study on American History” on display!

This is a good place with smart people. The few differences that crop up seem to stem from Liberals, wearing a conservative mask and their sole purpose is to argue in typical LibTard circles, dodge, weave and bob when pressed for an answer and of course, near zero legit discussions with them. Since they contribute so little and cause so much GAS sooner or later they either leave on their own or the Ban Hammer hits’um between the eyes.

I don’t agree with you on all points (2) other than that we run more parallel than not…

Welcome to RO! I think I would love to hear some of your opinions on American history. I admit that I don’t know as much as I should. I’m more versed in 20th century American history as I am an amateur WWII buff, especially the Holocaust.

I lived in south Florida (Davie, FL) for 11 years taking care of my grandparents, mother, and aunt. I hated Florida–too hot for too long. Traffic is a nightmare. After everyone but my grandfather passed on, I took him back to my hometown of Chicago.

I am a republican and have been all of my life.

Anyway, it will be wonderful to read some of your posts. You will find some arguments with gay marriage and abortion. I am a staunch pro-lifer. Human life begins at conception.

Welcome aboard. I have been a life long student of the fascinating study of the settlement of the American West. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Hi and welcome! You’re allowed to express whatever views you like, as long as it isn’t in a mean-spirited manner. Naturally, you’ll find agreement or disagreement depending on the topic and who you’re discussing it with.

Welcome, enjoy the site. I hope you put that history background to use often.


You picked a good year to join us, sir.

Welcome to RO

I opposed Romney and I oppose Trump for the same reason, I don’t vote for Liberals; they seem to have plenty of constituents to destroy the Constitution without me though.

I oppose all killing of humans regardless of their age without Due Process whether those deciding to kill are married or not, but that is apparently a stone age idea given the lack of outrage over abortion for convenience sake.

I also became a Republican in 1984, I figured out that they hated Reagan and despised Constitutional Conservatives in 1996, the 2012 nomination of Romney was the breaking point that convinced me the GOP was beyond redemption from their embrace of Statist ideals.

I always vote and I always lose, that can be a bit depressing until the results arrive from the actions of the “winners”; then I am glad that I did not cave to Liberalism riding on an elephant.


Well RET423, you have to make some compromises, or you will never get anywhere. Becoming so radical to the point you can’t vote for any Republican is counterproductive. That’s most the same as voting for Obama and Hillary.

Of what value is it to vote for Democrat lite?

“Compromises” are what got us where we are today, Sendgop. Every time conservatives are told to “compromise”, the left wins…often big time! How about the LEFT “compromising” sometimes? The GOP has consistently allowed the left to define what “the middle” is on any issue and they invariably define it as somewhere left of center so that any “compromise” by conservatives winds up even further left and any (rare) “compromise” by the left means the issue STAYS left of center. That way, the left ALWAYS wins and we keep creeping leftward.


What is so “Radical” about believing human beings deserve the Right to Due Process before they can be killed?
When did I ever say that I could not vote for “any Republican”?

I said that I do not vote for Liberals and I often say that the Republican Party is an enemy to the United States Constitution but the GOP does still have some members who respect Conservatism and think the Party can be reformed; they are wrong about the GOP but I gladly vote for them.

I also never said that I would not compromise, but being willing to compromise does not mean that there are no matters which are not negotiable; only those who lack knowledge and character will compromise on everything regardless of what Principle must be abandoned.

There are matters that I consider “Deal Breakers” and I do not apologize for that, we live in the “Post Principles America” right now and I doubt many could argue with a straight face that we are better for it.

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As has been noted, compromising and voting for whoever has the R next to his name has gotten us nowhere. It isn’t we who have become so radical; it’s the GOP.

The Dims have used compromise like a surgeon uses a fine scalpel and its how we have arrived at the point we are in America.

Dims: We Demand 12

GOP: NO, we will not give you any

Dims: Lets compromise on 11


Time goes by…

Dims: We Demand 10

GOP: No we are standing strong, none

Dims: Will you compromise on 9


You keep on going always compromising and you end up with everything they wanted, already we have seen a compromise on the 1st Amend, the 2nd Amend and it will keep going on until there is no Constitution, which by the way, when the RKBA is gone the the Constitution is nothing but a piece of old paper.

Look at Abortion: The want is post birth abortion with some on the far left wanting up to 3 months post birth abortion. I forgot what the original compromise was, but it was far less than the most common 20 weeks, that is how it got that far. But if you keep up with it the argument you know that 20 weeks is not enough by the Liberal standards and if they take over, you can expect abortion to go as far as full term.

Or look at GLBTQ! First it was marriage, now its use what ever bathroom they want whenever they want. Heard that some guy in Texas took his young daughter to the bathroom in a public place. As he stood outside waiting what appeared to be a man in a dress went in. He thought for a monent and decided to go check on his young daughter, sure enough it was a man, at which time the put his fist into the tranny’s mouth knocking out a handful of teeth. The Tranny of course told the local Sheriff that he was a man identifying as a woman. The man who knocked out the Trannys teeth told the Sheriff that he woke up that morning identifying as the tooth fairy. No charges were filed…

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