A Revealing Picture


I don’t have a comment, I just thought that I’d post this since it’s been in my folders for a while.

(There is a story to go along with it though … see link)

Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch Break Bread and Talk Immigration Reform Strategy - Breitbart


Wow. There’s a threesome stewed up in hell.


That Bush would be seen in her company is enough reason to completely disregard everything he says. Even so, it reinforces my position that Murdoch is behind the Fox attacks on Trump. He deserves every insult the other candidates can muster.


And Cruz as well.


If not Muroch, Ailes is behind the attacks on both Trump and Cruz. Their attack dog, Kelley, has been after both.


Ailes is just Murdoch’s lap dog. Yes, they trash both of them in favor of Rubio, Bush and Christie. Why? Because they’ll grant amnesty.
Kelly is preoccupied with Trump. She does get after Cruz, but is more focused on Trump.
They have other attack dogs. She is just in the spotlight because of Trump.


…and dresses like a slut.