A sensible liberal on gun control

Read this: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/25/opinion/texas-shooting-gun-control.html

I’d like to talk to this guy. Maybe we could come to an agreement on some things.

There are hardline people on the right on this issue, no question. I’ve met one fellow who believed we had the right to own nuclear weapons. And he was not a patient in an insane asylum.

I think, from a tactical point of view – leave aside the question of the perfect gun law – that appearing to be absolutely against any form of gun regulation for anyone and for any weapon – which is how we appear sometimes, and how the leftist media want to portray us, is stupid.

It’s another example of rightwingers shooting themselves in the foot, by leaping to validate the caricatures of us that the Left paint. People who do this are not interested in winning – they’re interested in self-promotion.

I often wonder how much we paint ourselves and the opposition paint us. I mean I’ve painted you guys as toothless hicks and I’ve had people here defend toothless hicks and being insensitive to rural poverty I think I got a post flagged over it. Now teeth don’t make a persons morals it’s just well our projection of the other side. You’d like to think were all blue haired femboys lol.

We are not quite toothless …but the few we have are green. Our necks are red.
We are near-illiterate, leave school at 16 or even earlier, do manual jobs, hate
people who are not like us… except for the ones who sell us our meths.
We marry our cousins.
We do whatever our Preacher-man at church tells us to do,
after the rattlesnakes get passed around.

I think you did it better than I could. I mean but that is the core demographic. I mean you do have the wealthy industrialist golfer class which is quite different from the rural farmer class. I always like to lay down on my horn just as they take shots as I pass by the golfers to piss them off. I once drained my jetski in the country club parking lot while chugging a rock star some guy came to yell at me. I didn’t know what to say I just continued and left. It was just what I do.

I’d like to think JD Vance is the intellectual with the Hillbilly Elegy and stuff.

Mind you, you were the one to define conservative as a disposition and not an ideology correct?
I’d argue its biological highly tied into the Amygdala. Not an actual choice to be xenophobic. I mean look at the milgram test 65% will kill if they think it’s coming from a position of authority. Thats a disposition to authority.

I weaponized music I can play Tori Amos or Radiohead b sides and watch Low IQ traditionalists walk away in the park. With a tiny portable speaker. I can change the feel of one area over time. That’s powerful. I started handing out free rainbow and peace dove flags. Over the next week I saw them go up around town and that slowly can change demographics in a small area.

I’ve had people in town threaten my life. All I can think is come at me bro. I wake up read my hate mail first thing. I’m sad on the days where I have none it means I’m not doing enough to change things.

Constitutionally, I believe it. Mind you, I don’t like the idea of every Tom, Dick, and Harry having a nuke (I’m not thrilled with governments having them, either). But I do believe the wording of the 2nd Amendment is clear. The solution is amendment, not legislative and judicial end-run.

I believe the purpose of the 2A was to make sure that the people were as well armed as the government. In the days of blackpowder muskets and cannons, that was possible.

[As opposed to the gun-controllers’ argument that the 2A’s purpose was to ensure a supply of potential soldiers for the state, who already have their own weapon. I’m sure this was also
in the mind of the Founders, but it’s quite clear they were, in the tradition of the times in both
the US and Britain, worried about despotic government.]

Today, it’s not. You’re not going to get together with your buddies and buy and equip a squadron of A-10s.

I’m absolutely in favor of the right of sane responsible non-criminal adults to own an assault rifle. (I would prefer it to be limited to those who had done their military service, and were enlisted in the State Guard or some form of Reserves, but that’s another issue.)

I’m also not against background checks and red-flag laws, but the Left today has made it hard to argue for them, since the Left in power would declare that anyone who was a patriot was insane and therefore shouldn’t have access to a weapon.

So yes, I believe every patriot should own an AR15 (three in fact), a dozen magazines and 1000 rounds of ammo for each.

But not because I think a bunch of us with AR15s could take on and defeat the American military, were it to be used against the people by a despotic government. Let’s not kid ourselves here.

How to prevent that happening, how to deal with a despotic government, etc is another issue.

[Hint: the struggle, if it comes, must not be WITH the military, but FOR the military. Which is why every patriot under 36 should enlist in the National Guard if he has not yet done his military service. And why Young Americans for Freedom, etc – all conservative groups on college campuses – should require all their members to be in the ROTC program.]

So … a Constitutional Amendment to deal with the problem … hmmm… maybe a good idea.

What should it say?

Chicago is reporting 37 shootings this weekend as of midday Sunday, with 9 fatalities. I remarked that the bodycount is higher in Chicago than Ukraine.
I, for one, would not go to Lightfoot’s Utopia unless I was "rodded up"as the old Chicago gangster would say…and wearing quality body armor

Nashville Tn is more dangerous than Chicago per capita.

The twenty cities with the highest violent crime rates (number of incidents per 100,000 people) are:

  1. St. Louis, MO (2,082) (red State)

  2. Detroit, MI (2,057) (purple state)

  3. Baltimore, MD (2,027) (blue state)

  4. Memphis, TN (2,003) (red state)

  5. Little Rock, AR (1,634) (red state)

  6. Milwaukee, WI (1,597) (purple state)

  7. Rockford, IL (1,588) (blue state)

  8. Cleveland, OH (1,557) (red state)

  9. Stockton, CA (1,415) (blue state)

  10. Albuquerque, NM (1,369) (blue state)

  11. Springfield, MO (1,339) (red State)

  12. Indianapolis, IN (1,334) (red state)

  13. Oakland, CA (1,299) (blue state)

  14. San Bernardino, CA (1,291) (blue state)

  15. Anchorage, AK (1,203) (red state)

  16. Nashville, TN (1,138) (red State)

  17. Lansing, MI (1,136) (purple state)

  18. New Orleans, LA (1,121) (red state)

  19. Minneapolis, MN (1,101) (blue state)

  20. Chicago, IL (1,099) (blue state)


The particular state where violent crime is surging is not really relevant, unless you can show that it’s state-level laws and the way they’re enforced that causes crime.

It’s the cities/counties – the particular administrative areas where police forces are organized and from which they are administered.

And although I would be willing to be that these are overwhelmingly Democratic, even that wouldn’t be very interesting. I would also be willing to bet that where Democrats administer areas with a very low Black population, that the crime rate is not high.

The surge in violent and other crime has been among Blacks, who already commit a very high proportion of crime – remember, 14% of the populartion, over 50% of the murders – and that statistic was before the killing of St Floyd.

So now we have to ask, why? What happened to send the crime rate up so much, after that event? Well, there were the riots, and liberals/progressives falling all over themselves to justify them – which, nowadays, mean the media, the teaching corps, the big corporations.

Now exactly why this should make young Black inner-city males kill each other in even greater numbers is a bit of a mystery to me. Of course, all good liberals/progressives know that before the St Floyd upheavals, it was white-racism-the-legacy-of-slavery.

But why the increase after?

Here’s a possible explanation: https://eu.usatoday.com/story/opinion/policing/2021/04/09/violent-crime-surged-across-america-after-police-retreated-column/7137565002/

And every mayor of Nashville dating back to reconstruction has been a Democrat:

Chicago had a Rep Mayor in the 1930s at least.

As for police killings of Blacks.

I believe this incident is pretty typical: the suspect resists arrest, flees, gets cornered, and then looks like he’s going for his gun.

Here’s a snippet from that report, but you should watch the video.

"A report by the Dakota County Attorney’s office details Aden ran from authorities earlier that day after assaulting a woman in a car and pointing a gun at her. Officers were able to follow him into a commercial area behind Seneca Road in Eagan and tried to negotiate with him before it ended in gunfire four hours later.

In the months since his death, Aden’s family has appeared at protests and city council meetings, calling for justice. Aden’s brother, Badrudin Aden, told WCCO that he was at the scene of the shooting and described it as an execution."

So, a fine Somali immigrant, contributing to the cultural diversity and enrichment of our country, just as they’re doing in Sweden [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-buxV4vfwPA&t=97s ], becomes a victim of our vicious racist police.

All he did, the poor innnocent young man, was assault a woman and point a gun at her … probably totally normal behavior in Somalia … and those mean old racist poiicemen didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt when he looked like reaching for a weapon.

Now his family are hoping to squeeze a few millions out of the taxpayer and I’ll bet our liberal friends who run that city will fork up.

Okay, for the record: do police sometimes ‘overreact’ and kill innocent people?

Yes. In fact, I had a friend (we had been in the same Marxist sect together), Ron Burkholder, who was shot to death by the LAPD in 1977-- you can read about it here:
[ https://www.vice.com/en/article/5gkpdx/deadly-force-tonight-at-spectacle ]

The most blatant case which is on video is probably this one:
[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OflGwyWcft8 ]

So what to do?

My solution is this: every police car should have two leftist anti-racist college kids in the back seat. When a violent Black man is cornered, the police should stay in their car, and the two college kids can get out and go over to talk to him and convince him to surrender peacefully.

They should be the first through the door when the police break into an apartment.

Other pairs of leftist college kids could also patrol, on foot, these areas at night – keeping an eye out for racist policemen, Ku Klux Klansmen trying to infiltrate the neighborhood, etc. Of course they wouldn’t be armed.

I think this would go a long way to solve the terrible problem of police shooting dozens of innocent Black youth every week.

Which is why, when the technology advanced, the issue should have been dealt with via amendment, rather than unconstitutional legislation and judicial fiat.

What, roughly, should such an amendment say?

250 years ago, forming and supplying a military unit was not difficult. Get all the men together – with their muskets, powder, etc – and you’re practically there. Some training in drill was necessary of course, but that was not highly technical. The main specialist branches were artillery and cavalry, still something within reach of a relatively prosperous village. Of course, all-important logistics were going to be a problem if you were going to be fighting over an extended period of time, but again, do-able.

Now … how would an embattled civilian population in the US deal with A10s?

What we really need is for ‘red state’ governors to form State Guards, where they don’t exist, and for all patriots who have not yet done their military service, and are age- and health-eligible, to enlist in them.

We also ought to be thinking about how to make a State Guard more accessible to people. Right now, you can enlist in the National Guard, but Basic Combat Training takes about 10 weeks, and Advanced Individual Training will add to that. That’s a serious chunk of time out of your job – maybe do-able if you’re a college student, over the summer – but then, you should be in ROTC.

So … we need State Guards – or even, ideally, a modification of the National Guard – where you can learn soldiering in short periods during the summer, and on weekends.

Then patriots who want to live in the spirit of the Second Amendment can have access to the resources of a modern military. It will also make it less likely that a despotic government will be able to use the military against the people, if the people make up the military in the first place.

[A tangent to this subject: a few months ago, I saw an American powder horn on Antiques Road Show (UK). It had inscribed on it this observation:
“Powder and Ball,
Make Equal All.” ]

Sorry man, A-10s are kind of past their sell by date:

Most of what they’re useful for can be duplicated by lower cost drones which can loiter in the area for far longer.

Well, I’ve read the debate about them – there are two sides to that issue, I think … just as there are to the F-35, new aircraft carriers, etc. Above my pay grade, really.
[ https://taskandpurpose.com/news/a-10-stand-off-weapons/ ]

But I would agree that drones and AI look like transforming warfare altogether, and pretty soon at that. Whether this will put an armed citizenry back on a more equal level with government is another question.

But I can see a future liberal campaign, “We Need Drone Control!”

You used to be a Marxist and now you’re a moderate nationalist? Why?

With age comes wisdom.

Sir Winston Churchill said,“Any young person who is not a liberal has no heart…any mature person who is not a conservative has no brain.”
Anyone ( except Joe Biden) has a good chance to outgrow liberalism. He and I did.

I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself a marxist under pre-tense. If anything the more extremes of the right here have sent me to a far leftward drift over the years. I started out as a republican at the age of 16, I was strongly homophobic, very secure border sort of person, very proud of my Irish & Dutch Heritage. I learned this world is a meat grinder the right-wingers are hoarding cash and faking like a saint with Jesus why the rest of us toil. So I took it upon myself to see where everyone had a fair shot the answer ended up being Sweden. I think the day I turned 18 and was homeless is the day I actually started caring about the parts of the Bible seeing refuge for the poor. Now I have a home and have opened it up to serval homeless and some of them were marxists and, I’ve never charged. The local police hate me for having a communal look on like in regards to the homeless. Since then I haven’t stopped trying to fight for the least among us. I was honestly pro life until the age of 28, now I’m 35.

Yes, Sweden is interesting. It’s actually a refutation of both pure free-market ideologues,and of pure socialists.

When Milton Friedman visited Sweden, so the story goes, he was told, ‘There are no poor people in Sweden.’ And he answered ‘There are no poor Swedes in America, either.’

What that anecdote illustrates is that laws can only do so much. Culture is the real determinant. Of course, even culture can be squashed by extreme situations: the East Germans were Germans, but laboring under the burden of socialism, they could not build anything like West German prosperity.

Although they were definitely more prosperous than the Russians… when I returned to the UK by train, from Russia, in 1985, I noticed how much neater and tidier and well-built everything in Poland looked, compared to Russia. And there was the same leap upwards when we crossed over into East Germany.

But change all the laws of Somalia, and replace them with the laws of Sweden – and Somalia will not become Sweden. Export South Chicao to Stockholm, it’ll still be a jungle.

(On the other hand, the opposite can happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-buxV4vfwPA – Sweden was so boring that the Swedes have decided to commit national suicide. )