A sign the limit has been reached


[FONT=Helvetica]In yet-another blow to MTV’s controversial show “Skins,” Subway has pulled out of all advertising spots amid allegations of the show’s use of child pornography, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Well, it would appear that MTV has finally found the limit to their participation in the perversion of American youth. Yes, they’ve worked hard for many years to find this line but it appears that advertisers realize, quite rightly so, that their buying of advertising space on this show represents an endorsement of it.
No government intervention was required (the government looks the other way when a network supports their leftist agenda anyway) and market forces prevailed.
I have no doubt that MTV will continue to move forward with this show despite losing money on it. They are far more concerned with pushing the agenda than they are of making a profit but at least they have received the message that clear thinking Americans want nothing to do with the fabricated reality they peddle as “normal”.


Years ago the wife and I decided MTV was bad and it has only gotten worse through the years. When they started to use the rating system if a scene had a man in boxer shorts the picture was rated R, now it seems people can engage in coitus and barely get above a G rating.


I still remember when beavis and butthead were on MTV, and it was considered edgy…wow, by today’s standard that was like tom and jerry.


Max headroom

Come to think of it this charactor reminds me of the guy who played doctor doctor

I guess it was Matt Frewer who played the part


They often refer to this as “pushing the envelope”, but I think the envelope has been pushed aside.



I hope he got rich off it. did he?


Isn’t Skins a British show? I’ve heard it’s horrible. But I didn’t think they actually used juvenile actors; I thought they pulled a Dawson’s Creek and used young adults. It looks like that’s not the case, though. O_o If they pull it for violating child porn laws, though, there’s going to be a huge outcry. That’s a really popular show.

Quite apart from the legal issue, can you imagine what sort of parent would let their 16-year-old kid do something like that? O_O’


Never seen the show, so I don’t know what goes on, but I expect that I don’t need to imagine the kind of parents that would allow whatever type of behavior it is… I have probably met them, and they are… saddening, I guess. They seem to me to be missing some essential piece of humanity or… something.


Just remember who controls the media in general. They will blow this whole thing off after a few obligatory forays into media flagellation, say we’re sorry and go on.


I’ve never seen the show either, but I read a bit about it online once. I’ve forgotten most of it, but one thing that stuck with me was the description of a scene in which a boy (16-18 years old) snuck into a girl’s bedroom while she was out and masturbated over a pair of her underwear. >.< Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl into a hole and hide.

Doing a little background research, the main scene the PTC is fired up about involves a 17-year-old boy “running around naked with an erection”, according to this site: Six Degrees Of ‘Skins’, ‘NYPD Blue’ & PTC: Behind MTV Series’ “Porn” Controversy – Deadline.com

I don’t know any more than that, but if you can tell he has an erection, they must actually show it, right? O_o Seems like there might really be something to the child porn accusations, then.


My housemate has the DVDs…I didn’t see anything wrong with it but then I watch the Inbetweeners and Shameless, also British. I think there’s a lot of what you can call ‘cultural differences’ between British & American attitudes.

They would never have actually been broadcastin child porn, no way. They were depicting the reality of teenage attitudes and sexual uh… adventures. They’re big on that in Europe I guess (German citizens get magazines in the post with married couples going about their business naked & no one bats an eyelid)


[quote=“jez_24, post:11, topic:28954”]
I think there’s a lot of what you can call ‘cultural differences’ between British & American attitudes.
[/quote]Just a bit.

I spent a some time in England and Scotland and the cultural differences between the US and UK was very clear.

Europe as a whole is a failed experiment in democratic socialism and multiculturalism and despite many liberals in the United States seeking to more like Europe, the US has something that most European countries lost a long time ago: The desire for individual freedom and self determination.

The cultural erosion is merely a means to an end and since Europe is much further down the road to a complete loss to individual freedoms it only stands to reason that they are also much further down the road to societal decay.


Perhaps. I meant the differences in regards to sex & swearing on TV, the US is a little more strict, in general, and the attitudes toward what can be shown are less liberal.

I think South Park is about the most risque show I’ve seen from the US but I could have forgotten one or two. Most seem quite tame


nothings changed. It was on last nite.


Sadly there are lots of parents that are like that. :frowning:

Even my own sister is like that with her kids.


If this show is breaking child pornography laws, then the DOJ needs to prosecute these people.


It’s quite sad. :sad:


I assumed they were talking about the British version…I know that one doesn’t glorify sex and drugs, just shows them in a fairly brutal and real light. I don’t know how the american one will go about it…british drama is generally fairly depressing in tone, but american stuff seems to try and glamourize & add a lot of fakeness. It’s what sells though to the broad market so I understand it.

The best american adaptation of a british series was the office IMO, although not the first season…once they got into the swing of things and used an american written script it worked better.


We’re not discussing the British version of the show. American shows tend to glamorize promiscuity, using dope, getting wasted, and ruining your life.


Sorry lol I didn’t know there WAS an American version, I just assumed it was the British. Fair enough.