A Sikh-American Soldier Won the Right to Serve with His Beard, Long Hair and Turban


The only jewelry I wear and will ever wear is a wedding ring. I did go through a brief phase in the military, however, in which I wore a gold chain with a gold cross. There were times it would pop out from undermy o.d. green t-shirt with or without my i.d. tags (dog tags). Any time my squad leader or another authority figure saw this, they would tell me to put the cross and chain back in my t-shirt and I complied. This was NOT an attack on Christianity. This was NOT an attempt to infringe on my religious beliefs or oppress religious freedom. It was merely enforcement of compliance with military uniform standards. Now there are no military uniform standards. My personal opinionis, if you want to be in the military and have a beard, join the SEALs or Delta Force which allow this to blend in for missions. If you don’t want to comply with military uniform standards, don’t whine and cry to the courts to lower the standards. Simply don’t join the military. Stay out and enjoy your long hair, beard, turban, or whatever appearance you want to have. What is deeply disturbing, although this is a little off topic, is the double standard some soldiers can participate in a gay pride parade while another soldier was chastised and disciplined for being on stage with Ron Paul during his campaign. What has become of the military!




The soldier at the Ron Paul event was punished because he was there in uniform which is against the UCMJ. Although, our presidents can use our military as a backdrop during one of their political events.


I agree, this shouldn’t be allowed. But it’s certainly consistent with the Hobby Lobby ruling. You reap what you sow :eusa_boohoo:


The beard regs are there for the purpose of maintaining one’s ability to wear their gas masks. Goood luck getting a good seal with that beard, dude.


What in the HELL has this to do with the Hobby Lobby ruling??? They have NOTHING whatsoever in common.