A Stand Off..

…is fast developing in Texas. “White House” hasn’t learned “You don’t mess with Texas”.

BREAKING: Texas Under Attack From US Government As Military Trains Roll In // Mr. Conservative


Much ado about nothing. This is a training exercise that has happened 14 times previously. Just a case of people who don’t understand the military coming up with crazy motives for what it’s doing.

Yawn. The only surprise here is that the link wasn’t to InfoWars.

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Evidently y’all trust that piece of inhumanity in our White House.

Evidently, you aren’t very well informed, and as a result, rich fodder for every conspiracy story that comes down the pike.
Did you also fall for “Clinton is setting up interment camps!” ??

JSYK, the DoD has been using these training exercises for YEARS. It’s to train our military in urban warfare…ELSEWHERE. They also train in the - oh m’gosh! - Mojave Desert - right here in our very own country!.
(I’ll give you 3 guesses as to why that might be.)

No citizens have been hurt. Not a single community disrupted. And nope, no crowds rounded up to be sent to internment camps, even though the military had written all those secret directions on the backs of road signs so they knew how to get there!.

But is your Bug-Out bag ready. Now, that’s important!


For a short period in 1963-64, (while I was waiting to start language school) I was temporarily assigned to the U.S. Army’s Combat Development Command. We spent most of our time at the 100,000+ acre Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation near Kingsville, CA. testing new equipment in simulated “combat conditions.”

I’m wondering if some of this training (Los Angeles has done it already) isn’t also a preparation for the event of a huge terrorist attack, or something like and EMP attack, where the civilian services would be overwhelmed.

Hardly; it’s just that there’s no point in wasting energy to jump at shadows when there are substantial threats.


I’m seeing people’s STATEMENTS that what I posted isn’t true, but not one ounce of PROOF. Just that same old attitude of “You big dummy. You don’t think like I do.”

Why Are FEMA Domes Going Up Behind Texas Grade Schools! ⋆ Patriot Newswire

… Uh, you have that backwards.

That these exercises are benign is a given, because they’ve happened before. You need to provide evidence that they are somehow different this time, or it’s clear that you don’t, as I said, understand how the military operates, and are just throwing around wild speculations out of ignorance.

Just that same old attitude of “You big dummy. You don’t think like I do.”

Lack of thinking is only half of it. The other half is you don’t have the same knowledge.

The military after all is a discipline, with its own unique culture, information, and jargon.

If you are unfamiliar with all of this, if you’ve had little to no exposure to the military, the foreignness of it all will confuse you and you’ll supplant your own explanations for what it’s doing. Explanations which scream “BS” to those of us who do have exposure.

I hate to weigh in on this because, at first glance, it all seems so foolish but …

I have heard from many conservative Talk Show hosts that use to ridicule these ‘conspiracy’ theories Say: “With this guy in the White House, Nothing is beyond conspiracy any longer”!
I don’t trust this President and I put Nothing past him!

Just because these things have gone on in the past for reasons in our (America’s) best interest, does not mean that it is in our best interest now!

Name Anything that obama has done in America’s interest?


Don’t care. He has nothing to do with it. Jade Helm has been going on longer than he has been President, and there has been no indication that it is occurring now with any special direction from him.

Name Anything that obama has done in America’s interest?

First name how it’s relevant here. Name how Obama is involved.

He’s not. It’s a DoD initiative. Has been a training exercise for as long as I can recall.

It seems, though, that every few years the conspiracy theorists can’t help themselves every time a Dem is in office. I guess they get a kick out of preying on people feeling a tad insecure at the moment. I dunno. But I do wish people would quit falling for it, as these same exercises went on throughout Bush’s tenure, and many before.

Of course I don’t trust Obama as far as I could throw an elephant. He - or any other president - however, has little to nothing to do with how the DoD trains our infantry.

I know…I just don’t measure up to you…in YOUR mind.

No. Your posts don’t measure up to ANYONE’S with a mind. I spent 8 years of my life in the military and I can assure you that field training exercises are ubiquitous in the military. They even have an acronym for them–FTXs. When I was assigned to the combat branches, we had one at least annually. Sometimes biannually…and I’ve been out of the Army since 1968!

So I MUST know nothing since I don’t have your experiences.

[quote=“Carpenter, post:18, topic:46639”]
So I MUST know nothing since I don’t have your experiences.
[/quote]I didn’t say you “know nothing”…but, if the shoe fits…

Gohmert explained that his concerns stem from the way the military is approaching the exercise. He cited a widely circulated map which details the seven states that are part of the exercise – California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. The map has Utah and Texas colored red and labels them “hostile.” It labels other states as “permissive,” leaning hostile” and “leaning friendly.”

Gohmert said he was “rather appalled” that the “hostile” areas “have a Republican majority, ‘cling to their guns and religion,’ and believe in the sanctity of the United Constitution.”

‘Jade Helm’ military exercise causing political firestorm in Texas, western states | Fox News

^The Obama Administration has made some red states feel like they are the enemy, especially Texas.

With all the “distrust” conservatives have developed towards Obama and Co., is this really a surprising reaction? The state has filed several lawsuits against the federal government.