A Stand Off..

No, but it is old.

The state has filed several lawsuits against the federal government.

So have others.

Nobody said you know nothing. However, gullibility is not exactly something most people endeavor to achieve.

For training exercises, they have to have such labels. Doesn’t mean that the military views them like that in real life. It has to do with the training exercises. They have to act differently in a “hostile” area than in a “friendly one.” Are you really so naive about military training as that?

Yeah, so many folks I know interned by the Clinton administration, which is obviously still in power just as predicted long after the end of the couple’s second term when the Clintons declared martial law to stay in power. (/end sarcasm for the sarcasm impaired)

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Name Anything that obama has done in America’s interest?

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Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have concerns, but I guess they are just conspiracy nuts…too.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Demand Answers on Jade Helm 15! - Eagle Rising

Jade Helm Update: Why Are There United Nations Up-Armored HUMVEES In The U.S.? – Consciously Enlightened

Jade Helm Update: Why Are There United Nations Up-Armored HUMVEES In The U.S.?

It’s not about “me”, it’s you not having enough familiarity with the Military to know what is or isn’t out of the ordinary.

You use provocative statements to hide the fact that you don’t have a smoking gun. All you’ve offered is a theory based on paranoia, that doesn’t square with who the people in the military actually are, and how they do their jobs.

“Camp Hungry Lizard”? My sympathies…

The internet is not an unmixed blessing. Information without context is like

Except for the living conditions–which were pretty primitive–it wasn’t bad duty. We were required to be on station by 9AM on Mondays and were released to go back to the Monterey area at 3PM on Fridays. Sometimes, we’d drive down to LA for the weekend instead of going to Monterey. Several guys in the unit were originally from LA and got to spent weekends with their families/girlfriends/wives without maintaining another household in the Monterey Area. I had a big, '62 Galaxy 500 Sunliner that would comfortably seat me and 5 other guys and they’d pay me $12 each for gas–or about $60. Four weekends in a month would net me an extra $240 and my military PAY in those days was less than that per month so I was more than doubling my monthly income. Gas was cheap in those days–about 25 cents per gallon for ethyl (premium) which is what that car required. I had a long-time family friend who lived in Pasadena and worked at the Jet Propulsion Labs there. She had a hide-a-bed, foldout couch and I’d sleep there without cost so except for food and drink, I didn’t spend much for those trips. I’d pick everyone up at a specific location at midnight on Sunday and drive back up to HLMR, usually arriving in plenty of time to make 9AM formation. All I had to worry about during the week was making sure a Mexican Wolf Spider (a type of large tarantula) hadn’t crawled into one of my boots during the night before I put them on. I was at HLMR the day Kennedy was assassinated. I didn’t ever go to LA EVERY weekend, though, since I was married to my first wife and she was pregnant with our son and she was living in Seaside, CA, right outside of Fort Ord.

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From what I’ve read about Jade Helm, is that it is a counter-insurgency exercise using what the military calls “Human Domain”. It was a strategy used by Gen. Petraeus in Iraq.

These exercises are using 1200 elite military forces from 7 different military divisions in 7 states. They have gotten permission from all the city governments that they plan on being in.

Essentially, that’s it. This same exercise has taken place for 15 years now. Before that, airborne troops routinely conducted desert training FTXs in the Mojave Desert near Barstow, CA, sometimes parachuting in just outside of Barstow and simulate taking the city. The military reservation there (about 30 miles south of Death Valley) was Fort Irwin, California…a desolate place, to be sure, and the first place I ever saw with a golf course with SAND “greens” that had to be rolled after every group played them. I used aerosol shaving cream in a can in those days and the first time I tried to shave there, I put the shaving cream on my face, set down the can and picked up my razor. By the time I got it up to my face, the shaving cream had turned to powder with all the moisture sucked out!

North Carolina has had their Robin Sage for many years now, and it’s real enough that there was an altercation with local sheriff’s department, who were not prebriefed. I remember special forces attacking an empty motel right on a busy highway years ago. Blew the bejeebers out of it. Robin Sage operated out of Fort Bragg.

Inactive Army Post Mysteriously Comes To Life Overnight! Local Residents Baffled! – Consciously Enlightened

Inactive Army Post Mysteriously Comes To Life Overnight! Local Residents Baffled!

Ellwood, Illinois, did NOT receive prior notification of this military activity.

Pentagon Lies Through It’s Five Sided Teeth About Jade Helm

Who cares? YOU (nor anyone else) don’t have any “right” to know the details about military maneuvers. You sound like the reporters who kept asking Schwartzenegger WHERE our troops were going to be deployed prior to the offensive in Kuwait. If YOU know, then our enemies know. Put your big-boy pants on.

Training maneuvers are not offensive operations where lives are at stake. I think the public has not only a right, but a pressing need, to know when training maneuvers are to be conducted in their area. The only point I can see to keeping residents in the dark is to intimidate the population.

You have two options at this point: read what I post and stay upset OR stop reading what I post on this subject. As long as there are people and articles discussing it I will be posting.

Carpenter, ~10% of military personnel comes from Texas. Are you telling me you think that our service members are all just a bunch of brainwashed, unpatriotic, goons who would really go through with a traitorous exercise against their very own state?

If so, that’s a pretty low opinion.

I figured I would have at least got a heads-up by now from some of the people I know. Darn Obama really got his hooks in deep I reckon.

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there is a third option and that is to refute stupidity.