A Stand Off..

H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

It appears that stupidity is what several don’t like.

I live 15 minutes from Camp Beauregard and 45 minutes from Fort Polk, a major military installation, and get to talk with personnel from both on a regular basis. I’ll see what THEY have to say about this situation. (For those who might want to know: they have a MAJOR HATE for their present White House leader.

you do that.

(he was mentioned here)

Norman Schwarzkopf died today…12/27/12…at age 78. Born in Trenton, NJ, Schwarzkopf graduated from West Point and rose through the ranks of the US Army eventually becoming a four-star General. Schwarzkopf commanded Operation Desert Storm, successfully driving out Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces from Kuwait in 1991. While he was known to many as “Stormin Normin”, the men under his command simply called Schwarzkopf “The Bear”.

Below are 10 quotes from Gen. Schwarzkopf that encapsulate his views on leadership and war.

  1. “Do what is right, not what you think the high headquarters wants or what you think will make you look good.”

  2. “You learn far more from negative leadership than positive leadership. Because you learn how not to do it.”

  3. “War is a profane thing.”

  4. “The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

  5. “True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that’s what courage is.”

  6. “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.”

  7. “When placed in command, take charge.”

  8. “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in battle.”

  9. “Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar; and still there are things worth fighting for.”

  10. “Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without strategy.”

and what’s the point of that exercise?

Absolutely true…my bad! :Thud::embarrese

…and I spent 8 years in the U.S. Army during time of war–and actually saw combat in all it’s horrible forms. I also saw members of the public (press) lying to the idiots back home who bought their lies hook, line and sinker. I was there during the so-called “1968 Tet ‘offensive’” and was actually wounded then. That idiot Walter Cronkite called Tet a “resounding victory” for the VC “because it showed they still had the capability of launching such attacks at will.” Nonsense. The VC lost 60% of their fighting forces and inflicted only minimal damage to the US and S. Vietnamese forces and facilities. They didn’t “capture” a square foot of ground for more than 3 days before having it taken back. Ho Chi Minh was ready to sue for peace afterwards but got talked out of it by his communist “advisors” who assured him that he could win eventually because they had a fifth column in the U.S.–which they did. Our moronic “press” who refused to tell the truth about what’s going on over there. They were right, but not until the vast majority of US casualties were sustained.

Texans From Ted Cruz To Chuck Norris Express Concern About Jade Helm

…again, WHO CARES? Those of us who KNOW the nature of military training and maneuvering aren’t concerned. NEITHER Norris nor Cruz have ever served in the military. Playing an ex-soldier in the movies doesn’t MAKE you one.

Well, Norris did, he was an MP in the Air Force (called APs). But I’ll echo that he doesn’t have the expertise to know what Jade Helm is or isn’t.

Cruz meanwhile, has stated he got assurances from the Pentagon and has no reason to doubt them. He just says he understands the concerns. Not that he believes them.

No problem.

[quote=“Carpenter, post:43, topic:46639”]
I live 15 minutes from Camp Beauregard and 45 minutes from Fort Polk, a major military installation, and get to talk with personnel from both on a regular basis. I’ll see what THEY have to say about this situation. (For those who might want to know: they have a MAJOR HATE for their present White House leader.
[/quote] Carpenter, those who believe that Jade Helm is a plan to take over the US by Obama are just as crazy and stupid as Kim Jun Un who believes that Key Resolve and Foal Eagle are plans to invade North Korea.

Even if they did tell you, I doubt you’d believe them if they told you the truth. If they tell you that its just a normal exercise that the US has done for 15 years now and NOTHING new and NOT an attempt to become dictator by Obama, you’ll simply (assuming you were honest enough to us what they actually said) say that they are either A) Being lied to or B) lying because they are under orders…

Now, as someone who was in around the time Jade Helm first started, I can tell you that its a normal, standard, exercise meant to A) prepare for the possibility of invasion of the US from outside forces (unlikely, but it is possible) and B) help train troops to fight in urbanized areas in a VARIETY of different climates. (I never participated in Jade Helm, but was aware of it, given my job as an intel analyst…)

Some of “us” haven’t learned that “friendly fire” helps no one.

I see that my integrity and honesty is being called into question. I could do the same thing in retaliation, but I have my big boy pants on.

Oh, for goodness sake sonny, grow up. MAN!!! you can get snarky.

I find most of your comments to me to be very condescending…and don’t see that as a characteristic of Christians.

Thing is, though, Jade Helm maneuvers has been in the news for what seems like months now - certainly well-prior to its taking place.
So the public was informed. Hardly their fault if some didn’t read the memo.

I only saw the memo on Drudge, etc. Liberal media did not over it.

That would be true.

I’d have no idea if Liberal media covered it or not, as I never watch it.

But here’s an article from Brietbart from April 20, along w/a major local t.v. outlet in Midland, TX.

The largest peace time military training operation in the U.S. since the 1950’s starts in July, and one city in west Texas is welcoming them with open arms. “Jade Helm 15” is the exercise, and it’s being planned and executed by The Army Special Operations Command.

Covering seven states from California to Texas, and running from July 15th to November 15th, Jade Helm will involve Army Special Operations (Green Berets, Rangers, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment), Air Force Special Operations, Navy Special Operations (SEALS) and Marine Special Ops.


In a story for NewsWest9 (KWES-Midland) reporter Julia Deng quoted City Councilman Bobby McDonald.

Texas Town Welcomes Military

Here’s a Liberal source - The Associated Press - as reported in The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Utah governor’s office says a war simulation in Utah and other states that has aroused suspicions is a standard exercise that is important for U.S. military training.

Marty Carpenter, a spokesman for Republican Gov. Gary Herbert, said Wednesday the governor’s office has been assured there will be minimal inconvenience to local communities because of the “Jade Helm 15” exercise. A map of the operation labeled Texas, Utah and California as “hostile.”

Military officials say the areas were chosen because of similarities to overseas combat areas. Carpenter says the Utah governor’s office has received 20 to 25 calls and emails from concerned residents.

Utah governor: ‘Jade Helm 15’ training is standard exercise, not military takeover | The Salt Lake Tribune
Again, it’s hardly the fault of the governor or the press if people didn’t read what was made available to them.