A Stand Off..

You’re being foolish, nothing demands that we respect that.

and don’t see that as a characteristic of Christians.

Neither is questioning the honor of people who have done nothing wrong, and for whom you have offered no proof of wrongdoing.

Accusations without evidence is the literal definition of Satanic. In otherwords, you have unwittingly committed the namesake offense of the Devil. But I doubt you even care.

Moral high ground, denied.

I think this comment said it best;

“This administration has proved time and again that it cannot be trusted!”


I don’t trust this administration either…but I DO trust our military to do the right thing if ordered to do the wrong thing.

Now see, that’s Facts and can be dealt with, but a Put-down BY A FEW only stirs things in the wrong way. Thanks.

Accusations without evidence? Just look at most of his comments to me. They are all over this forum.

Just when did God appoint you the judge of others?

I think we all know obama would like the power of a dictator. He has implied it.

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Precisely how is it foolish for me to express my thoughts? You do that and I don’t call YOU foolish.

Thank you.

Neither could many administrations before it. (Actually, no administration should be trusted.)

I fail to see how that trust, or lack thereof, is relevant to military training exercises.
If anything was proved by the aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the military doesn’t need any training to put people in internment camps. They quite obviously already know how to do that.

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Not sure what you mean by “a put-down by few,” but are you willing to concede that perhaps you and others got worked up by people who are pretty good at getting people worked up…over what turns out to be nothing, after all?

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I will stay “worked up” as long as a bunch of THUGS are running this country, whom I do not trust, as well as this “leader” who hates America, hates Americans, and hates the American way of life.

Carpenter; read proverbs and study diligently. I don’t suffer fools very well.

You have presented no evidence. You have presented theory with provocative words, and then proceeded to do nothing to show why we should take it seriously.

You presumed ill intent, where none is shown. You accuse the honor of our military, without any smoking gun.

Just when did God appoint you the judge of others?

You have it backwards. You threw the first stone. I’m simply throwing right back at you. What you apparently failed to realize, was that there was a victim to your actions.

The “thugs” aren’t the ones who run the military. They don’t determine it’s culture, or their oaths, or even content of their training exercises.

The people who serve within it do, and you’ve simply discounted them, lobbing them together with the rest, when you likely have little to no knowledge of what they are like.

, whom I do not trust, as well as this “leader” who hates America, hates Americans, and hates the American way of life.

And your pretense then that he and those in the military are of the same mind, is your folly.

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Just try not to work yourself up into such a frenzy that you end up in need of blood pressure medicine over it. Okay? It’s not worth it.

Look, Carpenter, these very same kooks who are coming up with all this nonsense now ARE THE VERY SAME ONES who were coming up with the same ‘government conspiracies’ when Clinton was president.
Ask yourself: Did any of them ever happen?

Ask yourself: Would the very people who voluntarily joined up to SERVE our country turn on its own people? Ya know, those people over in the Middle East trying to DEFEND our country because they LOVE it?

Ask yourself: Just how many U.S. citizens would put up with the military coming in to ‘take them away’ before they starting shooting back?

C’mon, Carpenter, start thinking for yourself, rather than let others do it for you.

You just THINK you are going to use the words of my Father to give me one of your egotistical whippings.

I AM doing my own thinking, but that doesn’t seem to sit too well with those who are TELLING me what I OUGHT to think.

So, by that explanation, you actually believe that our own military would turn on its own citizens, disrupt cities and counties, and round them all up into internment camps.
And no matter how much evidence is provided to you to the contrary, you’re still going to insist upon being played by jokers who are intent on making fools out of anyone who will fall for it.

Yeah, I’d say there are some out there telling you WHAT to think. I’m just asking you TO think.

As in, “Just how much sense does this make?”

You need to do some ADULT deducting, and putting words in my mouth is not an adult activity.

What doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me about this exercise, is that they are supposedly only using 1200 elite forces. It’s spread out over seven states and runs about a month. I wonder why they are running such a big operation without training with more participants.