A Stand Off..

**I **have concerns, but the connect the dots internet conspiracy theories are hysterical nonsense on stilts. Citizens do need to keep tabs on what the government and military are up to.

I was addressing Pappadave’s comment. I’d never heard of it before this year, or don’t remember anyway. The internet is both a blessing and a curse. Having concerns about the role of the military going forward is rational enoigh. The founders feared a standing military . It’s not the current military or jade helm I worry about, but what it’s going to be in the future. It’s something that bears watching so it (hopefully) doesn’t get out of control. (Yeah, i know, congress has oversight, and we can totally trust them…)

This military exercise is as close to a non-threatening event as it is possible to get. We do ourselves no favor looking for phantom bogymen around every corner. As Freud so aptly stated, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

I didn’t put any words in your mouth. You said them, yourself.
All I’ve been trying to do is to get you to use some deductive reasoning.

WHAT would be the purpose of the of government rounding up people and putting them in internment camps?

What, EXACTLY, would that accomplish?

WHAT makes you think the military would follow through with that notion?

Answer those three questions.

The military leaders that we have had in the past…that we trusted…are being found “guilty” of miniscule violations and forced out of leadership positions, so that this White House" can put its chosen leaders in position.

You said: So, by that explanation, you actually believe that our own military would turn on its own citizens, disrupt cities and counties, and round them all up into internment camps.

That is NOT what I believe, and is what I call PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH. Yes, I’m shouting.

Huh? All the Special Ops are involved. That isn’t enough? And it runs from Sept. or Aug. 15 to Dec. 15.



I don’t care what is you think, go ahead and have whatever thoughts you want. But you will not tarnish the honor of our soldiers, not out of misplaced resentment stemming from our President, or anything else. You don’t have the right. No one does.

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You really should do a Time Out before you blow a gasket.

You need to learn what honor is. Equally, you need to learn meaning of the phrase “unfortunate implications”, because even if you didn’t intend to insult the honors others, that’s what you’re doing by perpetuating this nonsense.

Because you didn’t think the implications through.

In your thinking. If you can just contain yourself until tomorrow late I will share with you what one of my friends in the military has to say about the situation.

This much I have heard with my own ears from the military and 3 branches of law enforcement: If we are called on to fire on American citizens, we know which way to aim the barrell.

(Apologies; DP)

Sorry, again. And I see it went awry yet again.

Apologies, again.

Apparently, you missed their message.

No I didn’t. That’s why I posted it. As far as I understand…they MUST obey orders…do the training, but when push comes to shove their American heart takes over.

Little fella; if you want to double down, go for it. It is just not that important.
And yes I am condescending to little children who have a hard time with reality.You question my Christianity; best you don’t lest you show yourself for what you think others are. Repent.

Actually I think his right to question the honor of the military is pretty much absolute. When you have no right to do so you are living under a military dictatorship . Or do you think the miltary’s honor would not hold up under scrutiny? He may be wrong, but he has every right to be. Ironically, it is the military’s job to protect that right, and their honor would only be tarnished by shirking that responsibility. I personally think that the fact that Carpenter can openly question the motives and intent of the most effective military in the world with no fear of reprisals speaks volumes to the honor and integrity of our military institutions ( a few bad apples notwithstanding…)


“Little fella”? You just let me know he kind of adult you…AREN’T.

Thank you. You are some of the mentally strong who post here.

I think you need to familiarize youself with the basics of the UCMJ. All * lawful * orders must be obeyed. Soldiers are duty bound to * disobey * unlawful orders (such as shooting civilians). Unless the rules have changed in the last 26 (OMG HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG!?!?) Years

So, @Carpenter, if all you say *is *true what are we to do about it?

Should we shoot back first to prevent it? Should we just be ready?