A Stand Off..

You’re being ignorant. That isn’t an insult, that’s just a fact.

Anyone here whose served can see that you’re grasping at straws, you never ONCE showed a connection between Obama and this Operation, and whenever your sources get into the details about Jade Helm, they keep getting them wrong.

You keep running your mouth, because you let your hate of one guy drive your actions. All other considerations, all the other people who’d have to be involved for what you’re saying to even be proposed, much less enacted, might as well not exist. You are picturesque of nigh every single 9/11 truther I’ve come across. Implications of what they were saying were lost on them too.

I’m not alone, though. It has nothing to do with our military but our MISTRUST in a corrupt government. The FACTS here PROVE this.

Rasmussen Poll Supports Fears Over Jade Helm Military Exercises

People listen at a public hearing about the Jade Helm 15 military training exercise in Bastrop, Texas. (AP)
Rasmussen Poll Supports Fears Over Jade Helm Military Exercises

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 01:08 PM

By Sean Piccoli

Nearly half of voters fear the U.S. government could use military training exercises like the upcoming operation known as Jade Helm 15 to impose greater federal control over states, says a new Rasmussen poll.

Yet almost two-thirds still support having realistic, large-scale military training maneuvers in their states, says the national telephone poll, taken May 7-10 amid reporting about the eight-week joint exercises that are scheduled to begin July 15 and spread across parts of Texas and neighboring states.

The findings come as elected officials, primarily in Texas, have come under fire for their responses to a widely circulated theory that Jade Helm 15 would precede imposition of martial law or an attempt to take away Texans’ gun rights.

“Why Are Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz Pandering to Believers in a Stupid Conspiracy Theory about the U.S. Military?” was the headline on a derisive column by Rich Lowry of the National Review published Sunday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott initially told concerned residents he would dispatch the state’s National Guard to monitor the exercises. He has since turned to reassuring Texans they have nothing to fear, according to reports.
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“It’s so important to understand that there probably is no state in America that is more deeply connected to the military or honors the military more,” Abbott said over the weekend. "And my office has been in communication with military at multiple levels, and we have the greatest assurances that these are normal military operations and they’re going to work out just fine."

Yet Rasmussen Reports affirms the fears of many Americans. A “surprising number” of voters — 45 percent — remain wary of armed federal troops, including Special Operations forces such as the Green Berets and Navy SEALs, fanning out across their states this summer.

The survey shows that 56 percent of voters who consider themselves as conservative are concerned that the government will use the training exercises to impose federal control over some states. Fifty percent of voters identified as Republicans hold the same belief.

“This level of concern is perhaps less surprising given that 62% of Americans believe there is too much government power and too little individual freedom in the United States today,” The Rasmussen report says, referencing a previous survey.

Sen. Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican running for president, for his part validated the fears in an interview last week, saying they arose in part from six years of a federal government under President Barack Obama “disrespecting the liberty of its citizens.”

The survey found some support for this idea, Rasmussen reports. Asked, “How concerned are you that the government will use U.S. military training operations to impose greater control over some states?” 45 percent said “concerned,” including 19 percent who replied “very concerned.”

“This level of concern is perhaps less surprising given that 62% of Americans believe there is too much government power and too little individual freedom in the United States today,” Rasmussen reports.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com Rasmussen Poll Supports Fears Over Jade Helm Military Exercises

Now, I’ve presented the FACTS, but see no hope in you ceasing to RUN YOUR MOUTH.

Spare me. These polls aren’t facts, not in the slightest. This is at best Argumentum ad populum.

It’s just more grasping at straws from you.

Now, I’ve presented the FACTS,

You source didn’t know where NORAD was Headquartered, it didn’t know Jade Helm was not simulating martial law, and despite your invoking Obama several times, you have failed to show even once where he was involved either in the planning or the orders.

Your source stated that the Feds were invading Texas (which it wasn’t), that they were occupying a school to take kids hostage (which they weren’t), and that it was “mysterious” that forces showed up in a base that was an Army Reserve Training Center.

I’m sorry, but where exactly were these “facts”, in amongst all of this Bull?

Oh no, none of this can be true. YOU didn’t post it.

Here, read the Source of these…FACTS:

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com Rasmussen Poll Supports Fears Over Jade Helm Military Exercises

NORAD isn’t located in Cheyenne Mountain. You can go there and ask them. I did.

Thus, It’s not what I posted, it’s that what you posted is felled by the smallest scrutiny.

Here, read the Source of these…FACTS:

Okay… where are the facts? I see a poll, which isn’t facts. It’s asking other people who likely know as little as you do, what they think.

Argumentum ad populum. Look it up if you don’t know what that is.

[quote=“Alaska_Slim, post:145, topic:46639”]
NORAD isn’t located in Cheyenne Mountain. You can go there and ask them. I did.
[/quote] Your mostly right, AS, but not entirely… The main Command and offices are on Peterson, HOWEVER NORAD still maintains part of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex as a back-up HQ, in case of emergencies. Essentially they have some people that work for NORAD assigned there, but VERY little of NORAD’s actual mission occurs within Cheyenne Mountain. Some does, but not a lot.

The Facts that I refer to are that I am not some lone wolf in questioning what is going on, as you have inferred several times. One Fact regarding what is going on is that the Texas Governor is pleased with some information that he has been able to accumulate.

AS and Carpenter, please drop the personal stuff.

Alaska Slim needs to stop it…too.

You’re being ignorant.

You keep running your mouth

you have unwittingly committed the namesake offense of the Devil.

throwing around wild speculations out of ignorance.

Explanations which scream “BS”

[quote=“Carpenter, post:149, topic:46639”]
Alaska Slim needs to stop it…too.
[/quote]Please reread what you quoted. And note the initials of the first person mentioned in the quote.

Wrong, very, very wrong. I implied no one with military experience here supported you. And even if I expanded that to the whole internet, you can’t cite someone who would know & understand what Jade Helm is to support your position. You know of no one, and I doubt you will ever produce anyone.

That said, I never tried to say that you were alone, the 9/11 truthers certainly aren’t alone. Talk to one long enough, they’ll make that very clear.

Did you know at its height that more than 1/4 of all Americans believed the Gov’t had something to do with 9/11? Seems awfully similar to your statistic, doesn’t it?

But what it means, is pretty much nothing. People fall victim to half-truths because it’s repeated, not because they’re accurate. Or as South Park once put it…

Your misuse. "“You have no right” does not mean the same thing as “You are morally wrong.”

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BAHAHAHA, good link!

Thank you.

Ya know, I’ve run into your kind before and am going to do with you what I have done to them: stop responding to you…BUT…I will continue to contribute to this thread.

You go as ballistic as you want to in any responses that you choose to post, but you will NOT see any other word from me directed at what you post.

Wrong, it has been used the way I have used it, as the word “rights” does not refer simply to the legal or philosophical constructs that pertain to our Constitution. It is far more broad than that:

right rīt/
plural noun: rights

1.    that which is morally correct, just, or honorable**.**
"she doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong"
synonyms:    goodness, righteousness, virtue, integrity, rectitude, propriety, morality, truth, honesty, honor, justice, fairness, equity; More
lawfulness, legality
"the difference between right and wrong"
antonyms:    wrong
  1. a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.
    “she had every right to be angry”

You read it one way without context, when put into context, it makes complete sense.

Further, you were examining the statement in a vacuum, when my position on free speech is quite well known thanks to the 3 or so threads we’ve had on flag burning since I’ve been here. You’re simply asking a base to be covered that doesn’t need be.

People who know more than you do? People who poke holes and point out (rightly) how flimsy your research is?

People who have family in the military, and don’t take accusations of them lightly? Considering that those serving don’t enjoy the right of free speech, and cannot respond as aggressively or as often (or at times at all) as the dimwits who try to brand them as traitors on a whim?

People who realize that you speak out of both ignorance and turn?

PERSONAL ATTACK…I get called down for it. When does AS?

You realize you were both named in Pete’s post don’t you? I can’t tell what you’re grumbling about here. Perhaps you should use the report post function at the bottom of the post that offends you. Then perhaps one of us can walk you through what constitutes a rules violation. I’ll also note that we don’t report who gets an infraction or a warning, not that either of you have had either.

Except that I read it in context, and it still means “Shut up, h8ter”.

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