A Statement from the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party


A Statement from the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Posted by Chicago Elections 2011 (eponymous blog)

Last Friday we held our downtown Christmas Party at Dugan’s Irish Pub.

We had a great crowd and the bar was filled with Christmas cheer until smoke began to fill the entire venue.

… the Chicago Fire Department were called to the bar to put out what was a very smoked filled bar.

After waiting outside for nearly an hour, we were told that the bar was closed for the night …

There were four small dynamite looking devices found in the men’s bathroom, smoldering in the trash can.

The following evening I received a phone call from Chicago Police Department Bomb and Arson officials.

Written on the lid of one of the toliets were: F*CK THE TEA PARTY

Let libs and Progs like this stick to their smoke bombs and graffiti, and the TEA Party people to their vote-getting.